Oh oh! They've missed one (Rev Climax book changes)

by AnnOMaly 20 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • ?me?

    don't forget , those 6 million sales are NOT sales, but FREE books and labor, that is why it is cheaper to just "fix" the old one. unlike what they have done in the past decade or so to the paradise/knowledge/bible teach books(rewriting basically the same book 2 more times and changing the title) and how they totally just dropped a new title on almost the same book (worship books) it may look suspicious if they write a totally new revelation book, plus the cost would hurt some also. btw, am i odd or the norm when it comes to small details that they try to explain either in a book or at the watchtower study. i do not really care to to dig deep into those issues of what the greek word meant, or how it was used. i guess i like just the big picture the bible message conveys and not the minute details.

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