Do you have questions about your car I can answer!

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  • DavidChristopher

    I have a 92 GT mustang with alum heads..big cam..roller rockers..and 24lb inj with a new mass air calibrated for such....sometime I get a rolling idle like a vacuum leak...sometimes I don't...I also get a bad studder when I ease into it..instead of punching it...then it pulls like a frieght train.

    Has new plugs, wires, and a msd 6al.

    should I just knock the varibles of things to act up down and go carberated?

    Oh yeah my ex poured antifreeze, oil, and who knows what else in my tank which I replaced.

    Any advice?

  • headmath

    surely this is off topic

  • hambeak

    david christopher Rollin idle is normal with a big cam prob m6 d a l calibration, check for vacuum leaks, make sure fuel filter is clean measure vacuum at idle and 1500 rpm

  • DavidChristopher

    thanks I will check ..I know my vacuum is around 15 at idle..

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