Do you have questions about your car I can answer!

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  • hambeak

    Greendawn you might want to have your brake booster checked it is behind the master cylinder also mayybe have your brake lines flushed. If your brake fluid looks like coffee it has run its course and should be changed brake fluid should be the color of honey


  • hambeak

    MJ On the tribute push down the parking brake lever all the way sometimes if it is up just a tad the light will come on, also make sure there isn't any thing under the lever assy. If you have done all this and the light is still on it sounds like a short so have a qualified mechanic check it out to make sure your parking brake is not dragging

  • parakeet

    I plan to buy a new pickup soon. This may not be your area of expertise, but can you recommend a model(s) that is reliable, safe, and not horribly expensive?

    This thread is a very generous gesture, hambeak. Thanks very much.

  • Descender

    Okay, I have a question. I have a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder with 90k miles. Two weeks ago my service engine light came on. So I took ti in to get it checked, when I got it in there, the light had gone off. But they said they did a diagnostic test and that I needed a new intake valve and I could use new front brakes.

    I said okay, and they ordered the intake valve and raplaced the front brakes. They called me when my part was in and I took it back to the shop. They called me later that day and said my fan belt and my AC belt needed to be replaced and that they had re-checked and this time I needed another intake valve. I let them replace the belts and told them if it was necessary, might as well order the other intake valve.

    So far I've paid about $350 for the brakes and the belts. I asked how much it will be for the two intake valves when they get them in, and they told me that will run me another $600. They also told me I should schedule a 90k service check up and that would be $450. I haven't scheduled the service check up yet.

    My question is, does that sound reasonable as far as price and why didn't they find all these problems the first time it was in the shop. Also, is it worth it to get the 90k service check up?

  • juni

    hambeak, hi.

    My husband took a look. He said the ' 02 Pontiac Bonneville has McPherson strut on top (?) and the ball joint on the bottom looks good. McPherson strut is a spring? he thought maybe it's kind of out of its whatever. You can tell I'm no mechanic. And there's not much you can do about it.

    Now he's looking at that drain hose.

    Verdict - Poured a bucket of water over the windshield and nothing came in. Under the carpeting the metal is dry. Couldn't find a drain hose. So we're letting it dry out and go from there.



  • gwyneth

    Thanks for your input, Hambeak!!

  • mama1119

    I have a Ford Taurus ,2000, and they backseat seat bely absolutely will not retract. It is just hanging there. How do I get it to go back in???

  • hambeak

    Parakeet The best truck on the road and least problems is the ford f-150 you can get a new one for about 13k

  • hambeak


    The reason I say this to replace an intake valve the labor alone is almost a 1000.00 dollars. Also a true diagnostic will address all problems with your car as far as when a qualified tech checks it out ie: drive belts? give me a break that is very easy to detect just look at them and if there are cracks in them or splits change them. Keep in mind a drive belt is good for about 3 to 4 years.

  • hambeak

    mama1119 You need a new seat belt assembly for that there is no way to fix it unfortunately that is a weak point on Fords. It is easy to replace Just order one from the dealer and pull the seat out and unbolt the old one and install the new


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