weird phrases in WT

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  • minimus

    The Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian Greek Scriptures.....what about the "Hebrew/Aramaic Scriptures"??

  • mama1119

    We had meeting clothes and shoes and then bookstudy clothes and shoes. You wouldn;t want to mix the two.

  • badboy

    `THE FARM'

    WASN'T THAT IN 1984?

  • stealyourface

    Widening out. What a stupid phrase.

  • jimbo

    I always thought that the "Watchtower Bible and Tract Siciety" was trying to make their books as nice as the "National Geographic Siciety". Another one that I always thought of was "John Birch Society".
    I don't know why.

    The "Truth"--- Supposedly Pilate asked Jesus, "What is Truth". Did he get an answer?

    Jimbo of the UN-Truth class! Ha Ha Ha!

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    According to the search feature on the 2001 Wt CD-Rom [ the latest I have ] the Watchtower invented word "Happifying" was used;

    In the Watchtower 35 times.

    In the Awake 6 times.

    In the Kingdom Ministry 1 time.

    In various Books 4 times.

    In Yearbooks 3 times.

    In a Brochure one time.

    The weirdest use that I found so far;

    "LIGHT is happifying, especially the sunlight" Wt 9/15/62 page 549.

    They seemed to have begun using it as early as 1951 - so perhaps even earlier than that. How can a non-word appear for 50 years in the text of these publications? Did no one in all that time decide to open a dictionary and see if it was real?


  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Never referred to as a "church"

    Never lucky, but "fortunate"

    People you know and are close to, are brother and sisters

    "worldly people" as opposed to people that are not in your religion

    "the truth" for the religion

    "Mother" for the religion

    "The Society" for the religion

    "in service" like you are in military service

    "a pioneer" like you are a person navigating unknown lands

    Theocratic Ministry School - as opposed to "salesmanship courses to sell books"

    "reproved" for people that don't follow the lead but are sorry they didnt

    "disfellowshipped" for people that don't follow the lead and aren't sorry they didn't

    "table of Satan" for those that partake of worldly pleasures, as dfined by JWs

    "goats" for those that agree with the JW "facts" but don't follow them

    "sheep" Those that follow JW "facts"

    "apostate" Those that don't agree with JW lore

    "weak ones" Those that don't follow JW routine to the letter

    "evil servant" Those that lead JWs astray


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