Italian Nun Murdered; Possible Link to Pope's Remarks

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  • Kenneson

    In Somalia, gunmen shot to death an Italian nun, who worked in a hospital which serves mothers and children. This came only hours after a leading cleric condemned Pope Benedict for his remarks on Islam and violence. Some think there may be a connection. Wonder if the same cleric will condemn this. Do they or do they not condone violence?

    See "Italian nun shot dead by Somali gunmen" at

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Whether it's linked to the pope's remarks or not, it is a totally unnecessary and senseless act of brutality, committed against someone who was there to help the Somali people.

    Lte's hope this reporter is right: Italian news agency ANSA said. "Let's hope that it will be an isolated fact."

  • mkr32208

    You have GOT to love the irony though! The pope says "Islam is an evil and violent religion" and the Muslims say "no we are not! Just to PROVE it we're going to have massive violent protest and shoot us some nuns!"

  • jaguarbass

    I am kind of dissapointed that the pope regrets his remarks concerning Islam. I say if the shoe fits wear it.

  • Dune

    Just what we need, another religion based war. I always find it amazing how people can call Islam a violent religion, but at the same time forget that both christianity and Judaism have been used to justify genocide, slavery, the crusades, inquisitions, etc. The least violent religion is atheism.

  • Kenneson


    Is atheism the least violent religion? Not more so than others. Ever hear of Stalin and the Communists? How about Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge? Millions died at the instigation of these atheists.

  • Kristofer

    Nice Kenneson, I love it when people think no religion is more benefit than religion. Then they find out that more people have been killed by non-religious regimes in the last 80 years than by all religous wars in the history of mankind

  • Asheron

    Interesting topic.


    Can you please cite your referances or tell us where those stats come from.

    I agree that current history has show that war, murder or conflict in the world can be done in the name of any idea or cause not just in the name of a "god" but I think it may be foolish to dismiss the fact that millions have died do to choosing or regecting a religous belief system.

    The "Thirty Year War" that occured from 1618 to 1648 had a death toll of somewhere between 6 and 14 million. Most scholars and secular sociologists and historians agree that the primary cause of this war were religious intolerance in the name of "Relegion" I.E. My GOD is the right GOD and only WE know how he should be worshipped and YOU will be destoyed if you do not agree.

    The crusades, while not a war so to speak killed over 9 million people in the name of god and religon.

    The Israel Palistine conflict has claimed hundreds of thousands.

    In addition I think we can also include murderous atrocities in the name of religon such as the witch hunts of Europe and America. Over 2 million men, woman and children were burned to death during this time.

    While these few examples do not come close to the 62 Million that were killed in WW2, it does not invalidate the fact that mankind has killed each other off in amazing numbers over whose god is bigger and badder.

    Is it your contention that Atheism is an evil belief system because humans were killed under non christian governments? Using that logic, Chistianity is also an evil belief system.


  • barry

    The Pope read from a 13century scource . The pope con not appologise for what is written in history. Do these Muslim people want the Pope to apologise for what was written 7 hundred years ago it seems to me only person who wrote what they are so offended about can appologise.

  • bronzefist

    Take the religion aspect out of it and what you get is a 65 year old woman SHOT IN THE BACK 4 times. Real tough guys aren't they.

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