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  • sarahbear76

    Wow thank-you very much! Um yeah it's been kinda crazy. Um to Aurther's questions, haha yes I'm serious, its a very loooong complicated story however, We knew it was them, we had a tech (who was also a witness) come up and look at our phone and he confirmed it, plus when we were at the meetings the elders would make comments and repeat past conversations my parents would have on the phone to them. The one elder worked for the local phone company and access to all that stuff. My parents did go to the authorities, however it starts so get sticky and my parents did some digging, the elder was a part of the knights templar and had connections everywhere, including my dad's lawyer he had for his business, which when my dad went to sell so we could get the hell out of there "screwed up" and forgot to sign a few papers over which made my dad go bankrupt. We lost everything, my dad went from making over half a million a year to having $20 in his pocket when we finally got here. The brother that helped us out with the tech info also did some digging and found out that the one elder resondsible for all this had a huge police record....HUGE! Including being suspected in several disapearances, and homicides. But yeah that's a little bit of the stroy, my parents won't tell me all of it, and quite hinestly I don't think I want to. hahaha, thank- you for the best wishes Aurther and I plan on sticking around for quite awhile

  • delilah

    Hello and welcome Sarahbear.....cute name...glad you found us. It seems there are "crooked" elders and other so-called "sheep" everywhere, in every congregation.....I also know a few of them....dirty, low-down rotten scoundrels!!! Their day is coming, believe me. I want front row seats, and I'll make the popcorn, LOL...Hang in there girl!!

  • sarahbear76

    Aww thank-you delilah! And everyone else for your kind comments, I look forward to talking with you

  • SPAZnik

    Your life sounds about as strange as mine. ;)

  • SPAZnik

    Welcome to the forum. Here's to peace an' quiet!! :)

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Sarah,

    Welcome!! Wow that is quite a story! I am glad you are out, and out of harms way. Thank goodness you have your family! You will make many friends who care about you all here!


    Lady Liberty

  • Calico Ethel
    Calico Ethel

    Sarahbear, welcome. I'm also quite new, just a few days ago I joined the forum and have felt so welcomed already. I look forward to getting to know you as well. I'm sure we all have so much to share with each other.

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    Welcome Sarahbear76! You'll find lot's of good people here.

  • siy

    wtf they opened your mail!!? as that not a crime in Canada!!

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