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  • Panda

    Hi everyone. It's almost 2 months since Nick died. I miss him much more, not less. Last week I had our dog Chloe euthanised. I think I kept putting it off because I wanted her alive. She'd been blind for awhile which didn't seems to bother her much except if she got confused about where she was. I made the mistake of moving her water bowl over a few feet and she tripped and knocked it over and got more confused. So I kept everything as it was. The day before I took her to the Vet I had given her a bath. Her back hips have been troubling her for about a year but lately I've had to help her stand. Well after her bath she couldn't stand at all. I rolled her onto a sheet and dragged her close to the back door from the dog pen. It got dark so I stayed outside with her to make sure she had some water and tried to get up a few times. I was concerned about the coyotes who would easily sense her helplessness and kill her. So I just sat talking to her. In the morning I called the Vet; took her out there; pet her and hugged her, told her what a good dog she had always been; that I loved her. I cried and cried. I think I cried for Chloe and Nick and all the people I've loved who are dead.

  • purplesofa

    I am so sorry..........I put my dog to sleep not long ago.........and recently my brother died.

    The hurt does seem to intensify as time goes on. The pain does eventually ease.

    A pet is great comfort when you are grieving. They love so unconditionally.

    Its so hard to miss ones you love.


  • hambeak

    I can certainly relate to your loss I had a ragdoll siamese cat for 14 years I called puppycat. She followed me around just like a puppy would all her life. She met me at the door when I got home from work and loved to play hide and seek. She would sit in my lap whenever I sat down and purred so loud. It has been 4 years since I had her put to sleep because she was so sick and couldn't get well I still think of her every day. Remember the good memories and that will help fill some of the loss

    I care Hugs to you


  • juni

    I also had to have our golden boy, Coach, put to sleep early this year. I miss him so badly. He was an exceptionally loving dog. He wouldn't hurt any other animal or be mean to any human. He was so laid back. Even being a retriever he would allow birds to perch on his head. A neighbor had cockatiels and I had a love bird.

    Love to you Panda.


  • parakeet

    Panda, I'm sorry to hear about your dog's death. Happening when it did, so soon after your brother, is so terrible. My very sincere condolences on your loss.

  • freedomloverr

    I'm so sorry Panda.....

    one of the saddest days is having to put your animal down.

    hugs to you....freedomlover

  • damselfly

    So sorry Panda, I know how much it can tear you up inside to have to make that decision with a beloved pet.


  • Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit
    Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit

    So sorry, it helps to share what you're feeling here, know that we care.


  • Mary

    It's so sad when our pets die, because alot of the time, they're just like family.......and there's not a damn thing we can do to prevent it.

  • MsMcDucket

    Heck, I don't know what to say. I'm sorry to hear of your loss. I hope that with time your spirits lift.

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