What Small Business Would You Start/Buy If You Had The Capital?

by Stephanus 36 Replies latest jw friends

  • Stephanus

    I often ask myself that question, just in case I ever do win OzLotto or Powerball (). Having ecclectic tastes, I've got several preferences. One is to start a fried chicken shop/chain, using my secret recipe. Everyone who's ever tried it reckon it's the best they've ever had, which, let's face it, isn't hard: Australians can't do fried chicken to save their lives. My recipe is a result of my kitchen experiments after years of watching American cooking shows.

    Another thought is to start an art materials supply shop. I actually did a year at art school, believe it or not! I love going into those shops and seeing racks of brightly coloured paints, pencils and pastels. I'd be interested in selling lines of raw pigments, as well, for people who want to make their own paints from scratch.

    So, what kind of shop/business would you like to start if you could, and why?

  • Dismembered

    Greetings Stephanus,

    :One is to start a fried chicken shop/chain, using my secret recipe.

    Good idea in my opinion. The world loves fried chicken Steph. I live in a small ski town, we need one bad.


  • JimWood

    I would start a zealot based religion to get, oh 6 million or so dolts to hang on my every word.

  • lawrence

    Having had an interest in ancient coins and artifacts for years, I would love to rekindle my childhood desire to have a coin and book store.

  • CaptainSchmideo

    A photography studio/TV Commercial studio/Movie Studio.

    And, on the side, a steakhouse/chili stand.

  • Sasha

    I would kick out my husband and start a Pet-Sitting business....and adopt all the strays!!!! Pet sit already for years and know the score. (Very funny about the Zealot religion one) ha ha ha

  • avengers

    Nice kind of thread you started here.

    Look at my avatar and tell me what Toby is in. I t's a super pet carrier.

    I'm working on projects which makes the lives of animals better.

    I'm working on a kind of cage that folds up, has hammocks and sets up in seconds. Better than iron bars. First ofcourse I'm thinking of cats. Toby was the perfect cat. I bet all the cats in the world would like it. Biil Gates got his computer in every home? Why can'we get a habitat in every home?

  • eyeslice

    My wife runs a couple of hairdressing salons. The beauty of retail is that it is cash in hand most of the time - much better than businesses where you are always pushing customers for payment of invoices.

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    aside from investing what we have going now, which will end up being online retail...

    I would love to start a metyphysical/coffee shop. I think I would probably also do consignment books as well.

    I think I would cater to the wiccan and witch community. In my area there aren't any really good places to pick ah, supplies up. There are a few metaphysical shops that sell tarot cards and good books, incense... but not much more.

  • Warlock


    Look man, let's say you were to win $5 million. You don't have to do anything. You put it in an account paying 10% and your making a passive $500,000 a year. Have the bank send you $50,000 a quarter, or more, or less, whatever, and you have plenty left over. Then you enjoy the rest of your life.

    Even if it's an account only paying 5%, your still making $250,000 for doing nothing.


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