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  • tijkmo

    350 pounds for the days recording and some additional mixing

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Actually tjkomo, my boyfriend just listened to your track - he was out earlier when I heard it, and he likes it. He's also an Alan Parsons Project fan (I'm not). He's got a few of their albums, and says your stuff is reminiscent of some of theirs.

  • purplesofa

    sounds great........

    you must be excited and proud!!!

    lately i been think.... very nice

    black ice.........

    wow they are all good. SEE YA WHEN YOU TOUR AMERICA!!!!


  • juni

    tij said:

    we aren't really the same age...i am so obviously older than the others we thought it would be ironic to say we were all born the same day

    I thought that was quite ironic, but....... your music is very nice. Around $700 for the studio costs? Is that expensive - I don't know anything about that sort of stuff.


  • tijkmo

    we could have done a days recording for about 200 dollars and got 4or 5 songs recorded as live..which is what a lot of bands do..but they sound like 4 or 5 songs recorded for 200 dollars...which is ok ...but unlikely to get a listening ear at studios or publishers

    no guarantee that ours will cos there are no guarantees in this biz

    but the more spent on the demo then the better the chance i guess

    i plan to do more soon...not at that price though...but still doing just the one song per day as opposed to how many can we get recorded in 6 hours

  • juni

    I understand. It has to be grueling getting one recorded as you said let alone more. Better quality then quantity - taking it slower as you guys are serious about this business.

    Wish you the very best!


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