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  • tijkmo

    the irony recently did a proper studio recording as opposed to home recordings or half hearted student attempts...

    this is the result..

    hope you enjoy..

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I just had a listen tjkomo. It's not really the type of music I personally buy, but I thought it was very professionally done, and I hope you do well with it. Thanks for sharing it.


  • juni

    G'day tijkmo!

    I just listened to "Bewildered". I liked the beat and you guys harmoninze very nicely. Thought it was interesting that all of the bandmates were born on the same day and year!

    Very nice work!!

    Have a great weekend.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Nicely done!

    Would you be insulted if I said it reminded me of the Alan Parsons Project?

    Let us know when the CD drops, I'll buy one!

  • luna2

    Good stuff, tij!

    Did you guys enjoy the experience...and did it cost a mint to get studio time?

  • BlackPearl

    Wow!! Great! I love it!

  • tijkmo


    this thread wont let me answer

  • tijkmo

    we got some singing students to do the backing vocals

    we aren't really the same age...i am so obviously older than the others we thought it would be ironic to say we were all born the same day

    dont know any alan parsons so not insulted at all...i do know that merrymagdelene likes tham and she likes us so i would take that as a compliment

  • tijkmo

    the session was fun but i think that was because it is still a relatively new experience for truth most musicians are not overly fond of studio work cos it is doing the same thing over and over in a confined space with people who are driving each other nuts by the end of the day

  • tijkmo

    thanx to all that went along for a listen

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