Sisters, did you feel inferior to Brothers?

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  • codeblue


    They just felt too important........

  • skyking

    I felt horrible for the women in the congregation. If could have ever gone to an Elders meeting and listened in how they talked about the Jezebel influence then you would know what I am talking about. Elders meetings was a good time to put women down because none were there to hear sexual inferior comments about the inferior woman.

  • read good books
    read good books

    There use to be more women than men in the congregations in the seventies and early eighties. With women attaining more rights and promotions in the world at that time I wonder if that shrunk the number of women in the organization which would seem less attractive than the outside world after that. I wonder if there is as big a gap today?

  • Moomin

    I remember the sisters would say that Satan chose Eve to tempt first, as he knew what power a woman holds over her husband and that she will be able to talk him into eating the fruit. I think that made them feel better.

  • bubble

    I was happy to be inferior, I had enough to do without the added burden of being given privileges!!

  • Leolaia

    I thought that handling microphones was a pretty dumb thing to be considered as a "male responsibility". I didn't care enough about the "organization" to feel inferior....mostly was irritated by the arbitrary rules than anything else.

  • Effervescent
    I just remembered that both men and women were of the anointed (probably more women than men based on the KH demographics) and I reminded men at the KH of that.

    I don't know why this just struck me as a very good point. If women were to be "Kings & Priests" in heaven... why couldn't they hold leadership positions in the congregation? There is no mention of any distinction in the "heavenly hope" that I can think of... but I could be missing something?

    Now my wheels are turning...

  • Gill

    Just Invisible!

  • LongHairGal

    No, and I never wanted "privileges" in the congregation either. I just wanted to go about my business and be left alone.

    I did notice, however, that there were a few pathetic brothers who wanted women to feel inferior. It bothered them to see a smart, independent woman who was opinionated and had good self-esteem.

    But these men were in the minority. I ignored them.


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