Sisters, did you feel inferior to Brothers?

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  • JH

    Having less privileges than brothers, did you feel inferior or simply different?

    Would you have prefered to be treated equally to brothers, but with all the responsibilities that go with it?

  • Legolas

    IMHO....I believe they 'look down' on women, as some lesser creature! (Not all of course, but most)

    Stupid men!

  • blondie

    I never "felt" inferior. Did some brothers try to make me feel inferior; unsuccessfully. Remember that those so-called privileges weren't offered to every man. Did you feel inferior when that happened, JH? Maybe so, maybe not. I just remembered that both men and women were of the anointed (probably more women than men based on the KH demographics) and I reminded men at the KH of that.


  • JH
    I just remembered that both men and women were of the anointed (probably more women than men based on the KH demographics) and I reminded men at the KH of that.

    Isn't it stupid that sisters don't pass the mics or read at the book study and so on, considering your above statement.

  • candidlynuts

    i never felt inferior..invisible maybe.

    most of the men in our hall were dragged to the meetings by their wives. there wouldnt be a hall there if it were not for the women.

  • aoxo

    im a man but i always felt that it was unfair and stupid to not let the sisters give public talks. it sure would have cut down on the responsibilities of the brothers. i think these anti femenist rules about sisters haveing to wear head coverings and all that crap was put into effect to assign gender roles the way they were in the olden days, the time period when the GB grew up in. i think they are sexist. why are there no women in the GB???

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I felt underused, as we were short of brothers at times to do the more menial tasks like the sound desk, microphone handling etc, but no, I never felt inferior.

  • hartstrings

    Ask my JW husband how I feel about this, he could write a book about my experiences and resulting emotions.

    Yes, I felt inferior, but I was raised in that crap by a very Bible-wielding JW father who liked to throw sexist scriptures at my mom like they were javalines. From a young age, within the congregation, I would see humans being forced to keep silent because of their lack of a penis. I would see them forced to wear clothing so as not to incite feelings by those w/a penis. I saw them told to tolerate beatings and degradation because those w/penises might learn to love a group of individuals with penises if they just put up with the pain, it was worth it (at least according to those same penis possessing people).

    How could I, or any other female not feel devalued?


  • dido

    No, Never! I don`t feel inferior to anyone, in the org or out!

  • riverofdeceit

    I think the question implied not "did you feel inferior" but Did you feel like you were looked upon as inferior. I could be wrong about that though. Being as young as I was and having been raised by my mother (I'm a guy by the way, though I would like to offer my view as to whether or not I thought of women as inferior), I never thought of women as inferior (as regards their treatment by the restrictions), but later on after reflecting upon the restrictions put on them how could one not feel lower class?

    Anyhow, I like the comment that says if it weren't for women, there would be no congregation. How true is that? I saw a lot more single women dragging kids to the hall than single men dragging kids. Not that there weren't any, but certainly not the majority.

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