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  • Gill

    Hi Girasole! I believe it is possible to buy transcripts of programmes from C4. I might be wrong but I will look into it.

    I made some notes as I watched the programme so bear in mind these are just quick notes.

    The whole programme was basically looking at the problem that the book of Revelations causes in those and by those who choose to take it literally. These people are called the 'End Timers'. They await the fulfillment of Revealtion at 'any time' and are mainly composed of Born Again Christians in the USA who are also evangelising all over the world, causing problems in other parts of the world, for example Uganda, where they encourage literal belief in Revelation.

    They actively, ( a BA Christian oil driller is interviewed in Israel trying to tap into the Mid East oil and gas reserves as if 'with a straw') intent on causing trouble between Israel and the Mid East.

    They actively attempt to rebuild Solomons Temple on the site where the Dome of the Rock now sits. They take in huge stones on lorries attempting to begin construction and have to be stopped by the Israeli army.

    They actively belive that if they can rebuild Solomons temple, the 'rapture' will begin. All BA christians will be taken to heaven. The Earth will then endure 7 years of the Great Tribulation and then the War of ARmageddon will begin!

    With BA Christians being so numerous in the US and such a strong part of the political world, there is no real incentive to work for peace, environmental causes, and support the only peace supporting organization in the world the United Nations!

    Bush has appointed an anti UN spokesman to be the US ambassador to the UN.

    To these End Timers, the United Nations and the Secretary General are the Anti Christ . The End Timers work towards Israel being attacked, so that the rapture will occur.

    But, apparantly they mis translate what the rapture means. Where it is mentioned in Thessalonians, the Early christians had been bewailing that some of their number had already died and Christ had not returned yet. They were being reassured in Thessalonians, that even the dead would be brought back to Christ when he returns NOT that they would all suddenly vanish off the face of the Earth when the 'rapture occurs!'

    This belief system is encouraged by an entourage of 'Solid American Southern Baptist Born Again Christians' who take a very literal interpretation of the Bible. They rival Islam in their fanaticism and literal understanding of the bible. They wallow in symbolism of Revelation of Rivers of blood running for two hundred miles to the height of four feet!

    End Timers have spawned an industry in survivalism. Apparantly not everyone who expects to will be caught away in the rapture and they have to Survive the Great Tribulation.

    They stock up on food, water, guns, torches radios, generators etc. But guns are essential to their survival.

    The End Timers belief system causes problems in there is no effort to end global warming. They have an anti environmentalist attitude.

    The USA has 4% of the worlds population and uses 25 % of the oil.

    It has 2% of the worlds oil and yet uses 25% of it.

    Their ideology is that destruction of the environment is a positive goal as it brings the 'rapture' closer.

    Shockingly they view the only organization with the clout to head off wars as the 'antichrist.'

    They hate the United Nations. They believe that the UN will be the platform for the greatest evil ever known.

    By its hatred the End Timers are tying the hands of the United nations.

    Their belief in the apolcalypse has apolcalyptic consequences affecting what happens aroundt he world.

    The antichrist is not in Revelations however.

    They literally interpret the Mark of the Beast as technology in the future 'chipping' people so that they cannot buy or sell with out it.

    I'll be back. Just go to go and pour a cup of tea to shut everyone up!!

  • Gill

    The End Timers (those who are Born Again christians, believing in a literal Revelation interpretation) believe that the antichrist will announce himself as the Messiah in the rebuilt temple of Solomon. Two thirds of Jews will be killed when christ returns and battle will begin. There will be incredible carnage when Armageddon begins. They relish the viscious descriptions.

    The Last Judgement.

    Apparantly, all atheists and agnostics will go to hell.

    End Timers have made headway in Africa. The programme gives the example of Uganda where people tkae part in all consuming worship praying all night. They are so sure that the rapture will take place at anytime, due their indoctrination by their American BA Christian trained ministers that they have given up on their eveyday lives, Down to not taking precautions of wearing condoms so that Aids is again rising in Uganda.

    Their religion is supported by Americans and their literature, tapes and Bibles comes from America.

    The American Ministers claim to be fulfilling Matthew 24:14. They feel they must preach every where so that the end comes sooner.

    In Uganda these End Timers beliefs are dangerous as Uganda has a history of apocalyptic beliefs including the mass suicide of a cult in 1989.

    The problem with End Timers beliefs is that people give up on their future, education, welfare, environment and just pray and preach! They believe that people should pray rather than actively pursue solving their problems. Children are taken to church and pray all night. When they get to school in the morning they are too exhausted to concentrate.

    Tony Robinson points out here that 'Man made problems need man made solutions.' After hearing all this, you begin to agree with him completely.

    The Final Twist

    Well, this has already been mentioned on the previous post on the End Timers and Revelation.

    If Revelation is read in its historical context then you realise that the 7 headed beast if the Roman Empire with its so far at that time, 7 Emperors.

    The 'Mark of the Beast' without which people cannont buy or sell, is the coins with the heads of the Roman Emperor on.

    666 - is interpretated with the early Jewish mysticism of substituting numbers and letters so that it really means - NERO!

    Revelation is probably 'crisis literature' written at a time when the Jews were in crisis having been oppressed for so long by the Romans.

    Also, on Patmos grows the Manata Masharia - magic mushrooms. Had whoever wrote Revelation indulged in these? They cause weird hallucinations.

    There are another 40 apocalyptic books written by the Jews in the past.

    In 400 AD Augustine had Revelation included in the Bible saying that it must not be taken literally.

    The prophetic beliefs of the End Timers impact on all our futures and the political actions and inactions that take place.

    The programme ends with a busker singing.

    '......So many hungry mourth to feed or

    will you feed the fear of doom.'

  • badboy


  • badboy

    THE BUILDING BLOCKS were actually by a ex-jewish soldier.

  • willyloman

    I haven't seen the show but I will go out on a limb and "prophesy" that there will NOT be a scene in the film where the producers go to Brooklyn NY and seek out the self-proclaimed experts on matters having to do with Revelation and the last days, despite the WTS' claim to be god's chosen mouthpiece in the time of the end. Despite what they insist on teaching their followers, the WTS does not occupy first place in the minds of news media or bible scholars when it comes to a discussion of Armageddon or related topics.

    It always used to puzzle me that whenever a national magazine does a cover story on this topic (as Newsweek did a couple of years ago), they don't even mention JWs nor do they quote anyone from the WT Society. You'd think that after more than 120 years of preaching throughout "the entire inhabited earth" under the direction of Jehovah, Christ and all the angels, they'd have made a stronger impression on people!

    Now that I'm out of the organization and free to think for myself, it's obvious the dubs have a highly inflated view of their impact on the world. It's also clear that they're not even in the running as a credible source on bible related issues in the mainstream media, nor for that matter in the marginal media. They can't even get a blurb in the supermarket tabloids. So, clearly, all that preaching work has been a colossal failure.

    Either that, or the god they worship isn't very good at his job.

  • Gill

    Willyloman - There is no mention of the WTBTS. The WT doesn't even blip the radar of the world because the people who follow it have had their reasoning powers totally castrated to the point where, in effect, they really are 'No Part of the World' to the point of total irrelevance.

    JWs are probably the kind of people that most governments happily tolerate in their countrys because they cause no trouble with their silly little teachings. The big worrys are those actively trying to make Revelation become fulfilled with their own action.

    They will only be happy when Jerusalem has a new Temple of Solomon. When Israel is destroyed and then they'll be in for a touch of a shock when they get no neared to heaven than if they'd jumped off a rock.

    The Radical Christain End Timers, of which there are millions upon millions and the Radical Extremist Muslims are the real concerns of the Governments of today, not Watchtower Slaves.

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