More US lies to talk up case for war

by Simon 30 Replies latest social current

  • Simon

    At it again just as they did with Iraq.

    No doubt this report was preparation to have something to quote when trying to drum up support for a war.

  • Simon

    BTW: I believe the report did not have the support of the committee and it was written by ...

    ... a friend of Dick Cheneys !


  • under_believer

    I am ashamed.

  • target

    I see many bumper stickers that say God Bless America. There should be one that says God Help America. This country is being run by some very evil people. Dick Cheney is right up there at the top. I worry for my grandchildren's future......


  • heathen

    So what are you saying simon? You believe Iran has weapons grade plutonium ? They have said they only want to use it peacefully and that report is saying that they are not building nukes which as far as I'm concerned wouldn't matter at all since pakistan has them already and they hate Israel and the US as much as Iran does .

  • jayhawk1

    I will be voting against every incumbent in November. My reason is not only war, but oil prices. I want every bastard out who refuses to investigate why world oil is so high and refuses to do anything useful about it.

  • collegegirl21

    Its not the whole US - that's just a warped view point... its not our fault some of the leaders in this country are arrogant, shallow, and only want whats best for themselves... don't blame the whole US for whatever issues you have with whomever.

  • schne_belly


    Two conflicting reports? Unbelievable.

    You probably won't see conflicting reports from Iran's government, now will you??

  • Warlock

    Everyone except the U.S. is always truthful, Schne. Don't you know that?


  • JeffT

    Well Simon, I hope to God you're right, because if you're wrong a lot of people might end up dead.

    I know you're going to tell me that a lot of people will end up dead if we act on this, well take that number and put a comma and three more zeros on the end of it.

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