Service talk on changes at Bethel, layoffs, spirit of urgency

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  • hopie

    I agree truthseeker.... The org. is in a steep delcline...

    The mud slide has begun, and their house of cards are falling !!


  • V

    The letter is from the Sep 06 KM, qouted here in full:

    Bethel Letter to Publishers (US Bethel Layoffs)

  • Mary
    truthseeker said: It's pretty obvious that the religious movement known as Jehovah's Witnesses is in steep decline. They are doing everything they can do make themselves look good, but the problems are chronological and legal and won't go away.'s kinda like Michael Jackson trying to rebuild his image after he was first accused of being a child molester in 1993.....there's always going to be fools to blindly support him, but he was so out of touch with reality and couldn't figure out why people didn't like him anymore, that he just self-imploded. The WTS is similar. They're completely out of touch with reality, can't figure out where blind obedience has disappeared to, and they're self-imploding. They can try and keep up the charade, but it's only going to last for so long.

    This organization wasn't designed to last this long according to the current mindset and belief. Armaggedon was supposed to have come by at least the year 2000, and now it's old, decrepit and tiring out.

    Ya, I think it's ironic that the beliefs that made this religion, is also going to break this religion.......Armageddon was supposed to be here 92 years ago. Then it was supposed to come in 1925, then during WWII, then just after WWII, then in 1975, then by 1984, then by 1994, then by 2000.....with no reward in sight for all the sacrifices the R&F have made, there's no incentive to keep going. Hell, they can't even look forward to getting a reward in heaven when they shuffle off this mortal coil, so there's really no incentive.......

  • blondie

    My husband said that the CO said there was a 25% turnover in elders every year and few men available let alone qualified to take their place. Could this be another side "benefit" of casting out the Bethelites?


    BTW, Bethelites as a group tend to be on the lean side.


    I think its really about money, they basically said that in the letter but not in those words.

    They tried to spin it that "....machines cant preach, we need people to do that" yeah whatever the bottom line is why pay to house dead weight and find them keep busy work when they bought new presses that can do their jobs instead.

  • read good books
    read good books

    Well I seriously doubt any of the cuts will come from the Governing Body. Nor will they make any sacrifices like less travel, unless of course there is another Ray Franz independent thinker they want to get rid of.

  • Tristram
    My husband said that the CO said there was a 25% turnover in elders every year and few men available let alone qualified to take their place. Could this be another side "benefit" of casting out the Bethelites?

    They also are leaning strongly on MS's lately to step up to the plate and reach out for elder-ship. As far as I can tell, most of the MS's are quite content where they are, if that.

  • Kudra

    I think they mean

    "Machines can't demand a paycheck (or health benefits or whatever) only people do that".

  • hemp lover
    hemp lover

    I have an uncle who's been in Bethel for 40 years. Last week I asked my dad if my uncle survived the layoffs. He said yes, because he's over 60 and Bethel knew that anyone in that age group would have a very difficult time finding a job and supporting themselves. I asked him if he didn't think people in their 40s and 50s might have a little trouble as well. Silence... and then he started in with the party line of technological advances, etc. I wish I knew a way to make him start to think, but considering how long he's been in, it's probably for the best that he stays where he is.

  • MinisterAmos
    The speaker said that Bethlites were already in a special position and that these were the right people to reassign to the field, where the need is greater.

    We got a Bethel couple a few weeks ago for our foreign language congo.

    The problem is that there are sooooo few people who speak that language here and sooooo many publishers (who were told the need is great and moved here) chasing them that the poor creatures get a visit every other day it seems.

    If this was a way to "spread the word" rather than fire some folks, then they would be sending them to Iraq or perhaps Ethiopia or other places that havn't been worked.

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