Comments You Will Not Hear at the 9-17-06 WT Study (BE HAPPY)

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    But Jehovah God has also provided his visible organization, his "faithful and discreet slave," made up of spirit-anointed ones, to help Christians in all nations to understand and apply properly the Bible in their lives. Unless we are in touch with this channel of communication that God is using, we will not progress along the road to life, no matter how much Bible reading we do.?Compare Acts 8:30-40.

    The GB has no communication wth and accepts no advice from the remnant. In their VERY own words the GB and the R&F are "unable to progress". Somebody really needs to start proof reading this crap up there.

    OT means Old Testament

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    Great review

    checked our plants today, will be picking when I get home.


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    Is this bit about re-instatement:

    "What are the WTS requirements for reinstatement? 1) turning in a letter to a member of the judicial committee not any sooner than 6 months (what scripture is that?) 2) coming to all the meetings and sitting alone, in silence, not talking to anyone before or after the meeting and away from the meetings 3) quitting the offending behavior 4) doing all this for at least 1 year but based on the "sin" the elders may withhold forgiveness for years"

    a hard set of rules for re-instatement that is in a publication somewhere, or do re-instatement rules vary from place to place

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    Thanks Blonde your awesome. Can you believe this watchtower? It shocked me when I read it. There in plain english it says that Jesus is NOT our mediator. Why is it even necessary to go to meetings then? Our prayers are invalid anyway.

    Tisk Tisk...and my family doesn't speak to me. At lease I can read.

    W 79 11/15 Pg 21




    What, then, is Christ?s role in this program of salvation? Paul proceeds to say: "There is one God, and one mediator between God and men [not, all men], a man Christ Jesus, who gave himself a corresponding ransom for all."?1 Tim. 2:5, 6.

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    Greatly enjoyed the review, Blondie.

    The glaring omission in the WT article of David's crimes is amazing. If he committed such felonies today, he'd be sitting on death row spinning out the appeal process before getting the needle. Yet the WT holds him up as a model for JWs (I was going to say "Christians," but as you pointed out, Christ doesn't get much more than a walk-on role in this WT charade).

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    Good comments, everyone.


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    16) David stands as an example for parents today. "Our parents raised us in a way that made being in the truth enjoyable," says Ralph....... (I wonder just how his parents managed that .... with smoke and mirrors?

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    Two 'examples' of sisters marrying "fine Christian elders." Who will have little time for them since as a "fine" elder they will be busy with RBCs, HLCs, CBSO, JCs, PVGs, etc. Wow what a privilege! Are there any examples of sisters who just marry good brothers? I wonder if this pressures the girls to look at titles rather than character and compatibility.

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    a hard set of rules for re-instatement that is in a publication somewhere, or do re-instatement rules vary from place to place

    From Organized to Do Jehovah's Will (internal procedure manual), pages 156-157:


    A disfellowshipped person may be reinstated when he gives clear evidence of repentance, demonstrating over a reasonable period of time that he has abandoned his sinful course and is desirous of having a good relationship with Jehovah and His organization. The elders are careful to allow sufficient time, perhaps many months, a year, or even longer, for the disfellowshipped person to prove that his repentance is genuine. When the body of elders receives a written plea for reinstatement, the judicial committee that disfellowshipped the person should, if possible, be the committee that speaks with the individual. The committee will evaluate the evidence of works of godly repentance on his part and decide whether to reinstate him at that time or not.

    If the person requesting reinstatement was disfellowshipped by another congregation, a local judicial committee may meet with the person and consider the plea. Thereafter, the local judicial committee will communicate with the body of elders of the congregation that disfellowshipped the individual, giving them its recommendation. The involved committees will work together in unity to ensure that all the facts are gathered and a just decision is made. However, the decision to reinstate is made by the original judicial committee of the congregation that took the disfellowshipping action. If some members of the original committee are no longer in the congregation or qualified to serve, other elders from the original congregation can be chosen to replace them.

    When the judicial committee is convinced that the disfellowshipped person is genuinely repentant and should be reinstated, an announcement of the reinstatement is made in the congregation where the individual was disfellowshipped. If the person is now in another congregation, the announcement will be made there as well. It should simply state: "[Name of person] is reinstated as one of Jehovah's Witnesses."

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