I can be honest here.

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  • freedomloverr

    hey Richie,

    been thinking of you all day.

    I hope whatever you decide with your mom gives you some peace of mind.

    let us know how it goes....

    love, freedomlover

  • inbyathread


    You're mom just went against the dictates of the WTS. She called you. Go see her and give her a hug. She still need to know that you are safe and sound.

    Step lightly and keep the talking light. Back away if the witnessspeak starts coming out.

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Part of me wants to call her and cuss her out. Part of me wants to drive straight to my parents house and hug her

    Dear Richie,

    Why can't you? Your mother obviously loves you very much, and you her. Now after all these months it is understandable that you would be angry as well. But try and keep one thing in mind, she has been brain washed and is in a cult. As you well know it is a VERY powerful thing. Maybe, just maybe, deep down inside she is hoping you will come over, even if you don't have a change of heart toward the organization.. Maybe if you went over there, it would begin to repair things between you. Tell her that you love her unconditionally. Sounds like she may have had enough time to realize she loves you unconditionally as well.

    What ever you decide to do we are here for you! It has got to be incredibally hard. Hang in there. Life is a journey and you never know where life paths may lead, or who they may lead you to.

    Sincerely your friend,

    Lady Liberty

  • jgnat

    I just caught up with this thread. I only have a few comments to add:

    I wasn't happy to hear from her, I was more angry that she dare try and rear her head in my life after this long. Its been months you know. And I'm just confused. Part of me wants to call her and cuss her out. Part of me wants to drive straight to my parents house and hug her.

    Tim Allen wisely said (or his ghostwriter, who will ever know for sure) that APATHY is the opposite of love, not HATE. ALL your emotions are proof that you care.

    You and I have talked about the agonies of living with a manipulating, controlling mom. I suggest you go, but keep your shoes on and don't let anyone get between you and the door. You do not have to stand and take any more abuse. Leave abruptly if she becomes mean. Then leave her a message on her phone on your way out the driveway. "Keep it up mom, and all you will ever know is my back."

  • Quentin

    I'm with jgnat, cruzinheart, freedomlover and outlaw as well as any one else that gave their thought along the same line. Contact your mother, if for nothing else to let her know you got the message. A nice Hallmark card would do it I'm thinking. Let her know your alive and well, were glad to hear from her and you'll drop around when you get time. I wouldn't go see her, but that's me. I would make contact. Tuff choice...whatever you do, do it on your terms, you'll be glad you did. Best to ya....

  • Pistoff

    You are the man, Richie.

    Your mom will be very happy to see you, you will be happy to see her.
    She may revert to scolding, trying to get you to come back, start pulling the strings.

    Be strong, tell her you love her and you have to do what YOU think is right.

    Hang in there.

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