Why we should be glad WT apologists post here

by Lady Lee 27 Replies latest watchtower beliefs


    LadyLee..One of the gentler souls on this board..I always enjoy your thoughts.....I don`t mind JW`s who truley believe in what they say..I don`t like the Jerks that just want to preach,not discuss.They have no open mind to another point of view..They want what they want..They will try to bully you to thier point of view..If that dosen`t work,they whine..Anything to have thier way..These are the sort of people that would support the genicide of this planet..These are the sort of people that would,and do,abuse the weak and the wounded on this board...OUTLAW

  • Terry

    Active JW's who post here demonstrate a surprising amount of individuality and intelligence. Why?

    They are already thinking for themselves by visiting forbidden areas of information.

    This is a GOOD thing!

    It is to be expected they will attempt a bold defense. Psychologically they are really asking for our best shot in knocking down their defense.

    I repeat: this is a GOOD thing that they allow us to penetrate the armor of self-deceit and cognitive dissonance.

    We should always keep this in mind when talking to an apologist.

    They are here as a proving ground for the rumblings of conscience, intelligence, individuality and rational mindedness which is still alive within them!

    The WANT TO SEE if we have anything that can shake the foundation of Watchtowerdom which isn't simply mean-spirited and twisted.

    We do well to be more direct and less disparaging.

    But, it is difficult to do when faced with the ludicrous lunacy we all used to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Alligator Wisdom
    Alligator Wisdom
    OUTLAWsaid - I don`t like the Jerks that just want to preach,not discuss.They have no open mind to another point of view.

    Exactly. I feel the same way and feel that it applies to everyone, not just JW's. There are some JW's that are hardliner WTS slaves, then there are some who are following their leader Christ as they should be.

    I for one like having such apologists post here. It provides with the appropriate variety needed for a discussion board entitled such.

    Alligator Wisdom (aka Brother NOT Exerting Vigorously by WTS standards)

  • TheOldHippie

    Lady Lee (but I'm getting used to her name-calling and try to have a look behind her big mouth and sort out what she is trying to say) and the rest of you haven't used too kind words about me and other like me, but I assure you I'll keep on posting, walking on the thin ice that has come to be my path.

    Greetings, TOH

  • Mysterious

    People know about us and the message is getting out there. For every apologist that won't be swayed there are three lurkers we can save.

  • Stephanus

    You forgot no. 6: They make the rest of us look really smart!

  • M.J.

    It's good practice to spar with them.

    All in good fun, of course. Don't let their ramblings get under your skin.

  • kid-A

    98% of them appear as trolls and end up making complete arses out of themselves. Thats a good thing. In this case they serve as shining examples of the hypocrisy and intellectual bankruptcy inherent in the organization. They also remind of us as to why we left this wacko cult in the first place.

    Having said that, I would say that the vast majority I have encountered on this site have been deliberately malicious and callously dismissive of the pain and suffering that so many people on this board have suffered at the hands of the borg. This serves no good purpose. Rubbing salt in fresh wounds is the worst possible thing that can happen to a person coming to this board genuinely looking for support. I have no tolerance for this breed of troll, and in reality, they form the majority of the trolls on this board. PMJ comes to mind.

    While I more or less agree with Terrys comments I think they are far too generous. Based upon what I have observed, the apologists are NOT here due to unconscious doubts. They are here to either 1) make field service hours. 2) deliberately disrupt conversations and threads, or 3) engage in malicious attacks against watchtower victims.

    Am I glad they are here? No. I dont need an "in vivo" reminder of the stupidity of the organization, those memories are indelibly etched in the darkest recesses of my memory.

  • greendawn

    Yes it all backfires on them and they make a show of themselves. On the other hand playing the devil's advocate I would say it's good to have opinions from the other side so that argumentations are kept on good balance. At times we make too much out of trivial JW things.

  • avengers
    any JWs posting here have abandoned the WTS and are "apostates" themselves

    Unless ofcourse they belong to the "upper" class of the Dubb order. They're excempt of obeying their own laws.


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