What success have you had getting your family out of the truth?

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  • The wanderer
    The wanderer
    Your family and the Watchtower Society

    Many individuals on this discussion board have close family relations
    that still belong to the Watchtower Society. How about you? Does
    your family still attend all the meetings and still consider themselves
    Jehovah's Witnesses?

    Getting them out of the organization

    Sometime ago, there was an individual on the internet who posted
    how he had gotten his family out of the 'truth' and it was an interest-
    ing topic. It seems that he did not openly criticize the Watchtower
    and that he used the Society's publications or quotes in order
    to open the eyes of his family members.

    How about you?

    Providing that your family would even speak to you, have you tried
    using the Society's publications in order to open there eyes as well?
    What other techniques can you share with the board that you have
    tried short of attacking the Watchtower?

    Please address this topic of discussion because it could possibly help
    a number of individuals in the same predicament.


    The Wanderer

  • Dansk

    Watchtower 1 - 5 The Hinze Family


  • Crumpet

    None! Zilch! Zero! Very little can be done in terms of reasoning if they put the phone down as soon as they identify the voice as being that of their daughter.

  • trevor

    My whole family remain out of the truth. They are all Jehovah's Witnesses and would not recognize the truth if it came up and bit their aspirations.

  • Dansk

    I've been asked to expand on my Watchtower 1 - 5 The Hinze Family.

    My wife, four children and I were all in the JWs, but my youngest, Dominic was unbaptised (he was an unbaptised publisher), When I decided to exit I was successful in getting Claire (my wife), Karl (my older son) and Dominic out with me. Jody and Stephanie, my two daughters, stayed in - and promptly shunned the rest of us. Jody was married and Stephanie moved out of our house to move in with her.

    I started my research by merely typing in 607BCE and arrived at this site run by an XJW called John (whom I know Great guy):


    This led me to researching from other sites, especially Freeminds, Randy's (Dogpatch's site). Randy is a good guy and will answer questions if he has time: http://www.freeminds.org/

    I then came here.

    During the past few months my daughter, Stephanie, who is back at home, has also left the cult. That means five of us are OUT and just my older daughter Jody, who has shunned us for over three and a half years, is still in. See: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/9/88460/1.ashx


  • vitty

    I brought many of my family into the truth..................................they went on to have children, who now have ypoung children and babies.

    I used to be very proud of this, now I only feel sorrow and helplessness--------------------------

    My main objective now is to get my daughter and her husband out.................that means his family, my sisters their children and husbands, and their children.................it goes on and on

    The difference is , THEN I had freedom of speech towards my religion and beliefs........................now I have non.................I have to tread very carefully in what I say..................A far cry to a few years ago

  • vitty

    sorry double post

  • greendawn

    My two brothers came out on their own one was baptised the other was well advanced even doing FS but was not baptised, only one sister remains but she is not fanatical about shunning and I think she just enjoys the social life there with her family.

  • mama1119

    I got DF and that got the ball rolling they did their own research and got themselves out, thank goodness.

  • Mulan

    Pretty successful, but have to give the credit to some good minds in this family.

    My husband and I were fading, at the same time as our daughter and her husband, without telling each other. It was great when we all realized we were on our way out. Our two older sons were quick to follow, one of them had been emotionally out for years anyway. Our youngest stayed in for a few months and then left too..........he was 18. Our only daughter in law, at the time, was the last to leave, but now she is out too.

    My cousin and her husband followed us out, and then her 3 sons as well. My father left too.

    Then my husband's oldest brother and his wife and son. (4 of their other children had left as teenagers) Later their married daughter and one of her four children also left. That caused a divorce and disfellowshipping, but who cares? He was a jerk.

    Only ones left are my mother, one aunt, one cousin, one brother in law. Yay!

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