i was born into a violent abusive JW family

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  • unique1

    Welcome, my heart goes out to you and your family. I hope you can stop your father from hurting other. Best Wishes.

  • delilah

    Welcome Ania. My heart goes out to you and your family. I too, am speechless. I am so sorry that you endured such horrible things at the hands of this monster. Hopefully he will be put behind bars for life.....and SOON!!!!

    Please stay, and heal, and know that you have friends here.

  • earthtone


    So sorry to hear your story. You are so brave! I hope all your endeavors to see those kids taken out of his custody are sucessful. How is your niece? I hope she is not to tramuatized by what happened to her as a baby.

  • Quandry

    Welcome to the group. You have alot to work through. Know that we are behind you and know that you are a worthwhile person. You had the courage to come forward about your father. You can be a help to those who do not yet have a voice. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Do you have any photos of you with bruises that this bastard gave you? If so, make up a nice flyer of the photo with a few words on it. I'd distribute it to his neighbors in a clandestine campaign. Perhaps: "Jehovah's Witness child abuser lives on your street. (give address). The state lets him have foster children. How long before he destroys another child's innocence? DO YOU CARE?"

    That should ruin his eldership. Send one to the body of elders also. Remember, he has to be a man who has a good standing with people on the outside!

    Expose the monster!

    Sorry your life has had this road. We each have our hells, some talk about them, some dont. Thanks for your courage. Honestly, its the best thing you can do, for youself and others.



  • ania

    Thanx everyonefor all the support, links and sugestions if nothing else it has given me the confidence to continue searching for help and information on where to go next. It's been very tempting to do as my siblings have done and just leave the past for dust. But i know i cannot as there are (as you have said) definately other children at risk So i will continue to search (as i have been all evening) through all the information that has been provided untill i find somthing that works. I have already sent a couple of e-mails to Barnardos NZ asking them to contact me


  • ania

    W.once- No we have very few family photo's and the ones we do have are mostly dressed up with everyone smiling (apart from one my eldest sister took of another sister and i trying to kill each other) also my mother & sister very carefully cut his face out of them all. Great idea however ...i just have to find out where he is living etc (havent had contact since i was about 13)

    Earhtone- One good thing that came out of the whole deal is that "he" was forbidden any contact with my niece, and my sister (whos property he was living on) dropped out of the so-called "TRUTH" because her husband was DF'd. They now live in Australia and my niece (still dosn't speak-uses sign language) is a beautifull young woman with 2 children of her own, is a chef and a wonderfull mother!!


  • avengers

    My heart broke when I read your story.

    Stick around here. You will find real friends.

    I have.


  • R6Laser

    I say this with no offense meant and I'm really sorry that you went thru all of this. But your title could also be "I was born into a violent abusive family." You mentioned yourself that your father was a sadomasochistic, so the problem would be your father and no matter if you were a JW or a mormon the same thing would've happened. Plenty of abusers out there who aren't religious.

  • ania
    Plenty of abusers out there who aren't religious.

    R6Laser- Yes! of course you are ded right...however mine was! There are also (from my learning on the subject) plenty of sadomasichist's who do not abuse children or non-willing participants and also many paranoid schitzophrenic's who are non-violent. My abuser though was all of the above. I guess the point (for me personally) in adding the jw part was that (as do many abusers) he quite successfully and for many years used the religeon not only to hide behind but also as a reason to beat us for every little thing-spare the rod spoil the child style and the elders supported him.

    Although my mother showed my bruises (& her own) to the elders & pleaded with them to support her in getting help or getting away from him all they did was continuously threaten her with losing out on paradise & tell her that she must be obedient to him as he is the head of the house. I don't know if you yourself were born into a jw household? But if you were you would understand : my whole world was Jehovah, the congregation (and being beaten for disobeying Jehovah)

    There were plenty of kind & understanding families in the congregations we attended who helped us in many way's (clothing, food etc) but they were ALL afraid to even look our way when the abuse was happening sometimes right in front of them!!! I don't blame any of them for this (although it still hurts on occasion) I do however hold the Elders responsable for not intervening or supporting us in any way what so-ever and the WTS for creating an enviroment within thier belief system that harbours abuse. (in my opinion & experience)

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