Sad thread. my cat is dead. looking for sympathy.

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  • anewme

    Are you sure your cat is dead? Maybe he is just missing. Cats do go missing for a few days. But Im really sorry if he is dead. I dont think you ever get over a beloved pets death. You can never forget a true friend. (((hugs))) Anewme

  • greendawn

    Sad to hear that but all pet owners must reconcile themselves with the idea that cats or dogs have a relatively short life span.

  • sf

    {{{{{{{{{ ANDY }}}}}}}}}

    Not sure what occured that resulted in his death, by a persons neglect and/ or cruelty, but if it were my loss I would consider seeking a small claims case against them.

    It would be different if Toby died naturally while in their care. Or became sick or died ACCIDENTLY. Yet according to your account, someONE was at fault. People must be held accountable for the death of a person or animal, accident or otherwise. It's the principle.

    Just something to consider.

    I too understand the loss of a dear pet. My heart hurts with you.


    "Meow, don't be too sad Dad, I'm with friends, meow! Get that new kitty too!! It's a great idea. I MEOW YOU DAD!!"

    Love you, sKally

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo


    Try not to blame yourself - you weren't to know.

  • lonelysheep

    I am so sorry!!!!!!

    I have a one year old cat, and wasn't prepared for how much I would love him and think of him as family. I can imagine how you feel. ((((((((Andy)))))))))

  • restrangled

    So sorry to read you have lost Toby. Although I have dogs at this point, I always had cats. They are so full of personality. Pets are very special family members and its hard to lose them.

    Take care,


  • BabaYaga

    Oh, Honey, yes I feel your pain. Our fuzzy four-footeds are our family, too... they are immensely and intensely part of our life and love.

    No one can attempt to tell ME that they don't have souls. Hugs to you, Darlin'. Please, try not to be too hard on yourself for leaving him with the non-caretaker. I know that's hard... but Toby has already forgiven you, so forgive yourself.

    Hope you don't think it too odd for me to include this, but here is a gorgeous ritual for release of the dead. The author uses it for beloved pets, too.


  • avengers

    Thank you all for the loving replies.

    I really needed it.
    Toby was with me for 4 years. He got run over by a car.
    He was the best cat ever. May he rest in peace.

    I wish I could meet you all in person. I have never met a bunch of people who are so compassionate as those here on JWD.

    Thank you.


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