Is abortion an unforgivable sin?

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  • Abaddon


    It's fine for you not to have an abortion, but please don't misrepresent what most people who have abortions actually think or feel.

    • You obviously feel that a unborn child, no matter how developed (ie.e how many months gone) is the same as you and me.
    • You obviously feel that somehow there is personality present from conception.
    • You obviously feel that despite no specific mention of abortion in the Bible (yes, it was known) that god wouldn't like it.

    All this is fine. For you.

    • Others feel that aborting an unborn child BEFORE it is really a person is not wrong.
    • Others feel that until there is a certain amount of nerve tissue there is no possibility of the unborn child being a person or comparable to a born human or even late-term pregnancy; many many abortions take place before the fetus has a nervous system that is as well developed as a rat.
    • Other feel that if god saw fit to mention boiling kids in their moths milk and wearing clothes made out of two different materials as being wrong, god would also mention abortion as being wrong if it was in gods mind, and that to condemn others for abortion is to be presumptious before god.

    All this is fine. For them.

    What is not fine is assuming your opinions and beliefs are valid for everyone. I wouldn't try and make you have an abortion if you were raped, but would fight for the right of a raped woman to have an abortion. I wouldn't try and make you have an abortion if you were 16, poor, and uneducated, but would fight for the right of a woman to have an abortion if they were 16, poor, and uneducated.

    Tolerance is the key... and the last thing this person needs now is having MORE people tell her she's bad purely based on their opinion, as she can get that at the Kingdom Hall.

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