What did Jaracz disapprove of in the Awake! of April 8th 1992?

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    Narkissos...Would that be the article on female genital mutilation in the 8 April 1993 Awake!?

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    I think it was the article "I Wept For Joy," which was, if I remember correctly, reader responses to an earlier article on dealing with sexual abuse. S4

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    So what could he object to in that?

    "I Wept for Joy"

    Readers Express Deep Appreciation for "Healing the Wounds of Child Abuse"

    A RECENT series of articles in the Awake! magazine moved many readers from all over the world to express their heartfelt appreciation for the cover series "Healing the Wounds of Child Abuse" in the October 8th, 1991, Awake! Their responses have shown that this carefully prepared material accomplished its purpose, which was threefold: (1) to provide understanding and hope for the victims; (2) to warn parents so they can be vigilant about the safety of their children; (3) to help elders who assist abuse victims to be better informed so that they can give more effective assistance.?Proverbs 21:13; compare 27:23.

    A theme that was repeated by many readers was typified by this comment: "I have always appreciated being one of Jehovah?s Witnesses. However, my appreciation and love for Jehovah and his ?faithful and discreet slave? (Matthew 24:45-47) have been increased a hundredfold after reading the October 8, 1991, issue of Awake!"

    "Jehovah Really Understands and Cares Deeply"A large number expressed gratitude for a most important aspect of the articles: that God listens, cares, knows that the victim was not at fault, and can provide healing. A reader states: "Thanks from the bottom of my heart for the October 8th Awake! Your articles helped me by showing me that Jehovah really understands and cares deeply."?Britain.

    A woman writes: "Some months ago I wanted to ask you to write about the matter of healing the wounds of child abuse. I did not write but instead prayed to Jehovah about it. You can imagine, then, why I was so delighted when I saw the cover of the October 8th issue. I broke into tears, and thanked our loving God, Jehovah, from the bottom of my heart."?Greece.

    Another says: "When I think about what I had to go through, I cry bitterly. That is why I have read with particular attention the series about ?Healing the Wounds of Child Abuse,? which I have found to be extremely useful. They show clearly that you have loving interest in ones who have had to suffer such things in their lives."?Italy.

    Many expressed this thought: "I thank Jehovah for providing this information, the best articles I have ever read on the topic. I pray this will help not only the victims (survivors) but also those who have had this morbid fear of addressing the issue and found it difficult to talk about the subject."?United States."I Feel Life Is Worthwhile Now"A woman whose daughter was abused had not yet come to terms with the problem of that abuse. "But your articles put me on the right track," she explained. "I?ve been having therapy weekly for 11 months for anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. Those articles did more for me than all the therapy in the world! I feel life is worthwhile now, whereas before reading the issue, I still felt guilty for something I could not prevent."?Britain.

    Many said that the information was a turning point in their lives: "I can?t begin to thank you enough for the articles. They came when I was at about the lowest point I can ever remember. Some days I would curl up in a ball and sob. Thanks to these articles, which I have read and reread, I can see that my pain, and everyone?s pain, is important to Jehovah and his organization. This information has given me the will to begin healing. I already feel closer to Jehovah again."?United States.

    But child abuse is not only a Western problem, as this sample shows: "When I received the October 8th issue on child abuse, I immediately read it. It took considerable time for me to read the articles because of having difficulty seeing the words through my tears! My feelings and thoughts were right there in the articles. Now I feel happy that somebody understands. I was encouraged to see how Jehovah kindly helps people whose suffering is unseen by others. I am truly grateful that you published these articles. To heal my wounds, I will go on applying what is written in the articles. With love and feelings of gratitude beyond words."?Japan.

    Another writes: "I have been contending with the wounds of child abuse all my life. When I got the October 8th magazine, I reasoned that Jehovah knows what we need even before we do and that he really loves us. I could hardly see for the flood of tears, and my heart felt as though it were about to burst for love and appreciation for our loving heavenly Father. This October 8th issue is a magazine that I will treasure ?till the former things will not be called to mind, neither will they come up into the heart.?" (Isaiah 65:17)?United States."I Have Been Let Out of Prison!"A woman deeply troubled much of her life writes: "Thank you for the articles on child abuse. At last, at 53 years of age, I have been let out of prison! The unlocking key for me was the sentence that shows that these young victims ?are powerless to defend themselves when threatened, so God does not hold them responsible.?" Reading the October 8th Awake! and understanding that as the magazine stated, "ITWASNOTYOURFAULT!" helped her to apply Jesus? ransom sacrifice in beginning her healing process.?Britain.

    Another woman says: "From the time I was small until my early years in elementary school, I was sexually molested repeatedly. As mentioned in the articles, I escaped mentally. However, the memories kept coming back. I have always thought: ?I am a dirty person. Jehovah would never accept me.? So my prayer to God has always been: ?You may not give me a place in Paradise, but at least please let me stay within your organization until I die.? This is because of thinking, like those victims mentioned in the articles, that ?I?m not really clean enough to be in God?s Kingdom? and that my death would be at Armageddon. It was as if feelings of shame and wretchedness were crushing me to death. Thus, the contents of the articles, which were very warm and gentle, helped me a great deal. As I read them, my tears flowed."?Japan.

    Another says: "I want to thank you for your sensitive and well-researched articles. For years, the trauma of abuse had fragmented my inner self. It is easy for many to understand the abuse and torture of war and political turmoil. We understand Holocaust survivors. Evil perpetrated by strangers is easier to digest. Yet why do some not comprehend it when the perpetrators are our own fathers, mothers, uncles, sisters, brothers?those who were to comfort, nurture, and protect us? I have seen my own scars and have known the shattering reality of hopelessness. In my healing it has been my spiritual Father, Jehovah, who has time and time again picked up my shattered self, keeping me from annihilation."?United States."I?ve Suddenly Come to Life!"A woman who says that for 28 long years she felt as if she had been discarded wrote: "I read straight through the articles the evening I received the issue and shed tears because I was so moved and grateful. I am so happy to think that Jehovah so clearly understands my feelings. I feel as if I?ve suddenly come to life! Because the articles stress that children in that position bear no responsibility for what happens, I realize that I have no reason at all to reproach myself. My mind has truly been put to rest." Her heart was moved to respond to healing from God?s Word.?Japan.

    Child rape is also a problem in developing countries, as is evident by this similar response from Africa: "The articles came at a time when I needed them most. What a relief to read statements such as, ?be assured that there is hope, that you can recover? and, ?ITWASNOTYOURFAULT!? As I read the articles, I felt really safe and comforted for the first time in my life. They brought real consolation to my mind, soul, and body. Now I will have the strength to travel the road toward full recovery."?Nigeria.

    Another writes: "Words cannot express my appreciation and how I felt after reading the October 8th Awake! on child abuse. Tears filled my eyes as I read every paragraph, every page, every scripture. It was written with much thought, tenderness, and love. As a victim, I have been struggling with my feelings and emotions. Now I feel that a measure of the burden of grief has been lifted. Thanks to your articles and to a trusted, patient friend who listens and gives me support, I can let the healing begin." The God of all undeserved kindness, through the priestly service of his Son, is making many such victims "firm" and "strong." (1 Peter 5:6-11)?United States.

    One incest victim was so distraught that she tried to kill herself by setting a garage on fire while she was in there. She was rescued and hospitalized. As soon as the October 8th issue came out, it was brought to her. She cried hard when she read it, and then went over the articles again and again for support, helping her to overcome suicidal tendencies. A friend of hers who helped her a great deal wrote: "Sometimes I think Awake! should be renamed Cope because that?s sure what it?s helping us to do."?United States."Some Can Forget, Others Cannot"Another appreciative reader has this to say: "The articles on child abuse are so balanced. I appreciate the scriptures used. These articles are so well written that I could commend you on it paragraph by paragraph. I am grateful that you showed that though some can forget, others cannot. I have been having flashbacks for three years and the physical pains that go with each memory. But it does get better by learning to deal with the flashbacks. Thank you again for such a wonderfully balanced series." (United States) These Scriptural articles have helped this victim, and many others, once again to rejoice in Jehovah?s spiritual provisions.?Philippians 4:4-9.

    "I have been a reader of Awake! magazine for years," writes one woman. "However, I have never been more touched by an article than by the magazine series entitled ?Healing the Wounds of Child Abuse.? The subject is a difficult one, but you handled it with tact and loving-kindness. Having been an abused child myself, it helped and comforted me immensely. I will save this magazine so that I can read it over often. I really cannot thank you enough for the time, effort, insight, and most of all the love you?ve shown for those who suffer in a quiet way."?United States.Facing RealityIt has proved very helpful to victims who cannot forget the crimes committed against them to be allowed to talk with a sympathetic elder, face the problem realistically, see how Jehovah views the matter, and deal with it Scripturally so that healing in the power of Jesus? ransom can take place. In this regard, a woman states:

    "I cannot express just how timely the articles were. I really couldn?t believe how accurate the information was. I have suffered depression and bulimia for 20 years, looking for help and answers everywhere: psychiatrists, psychologists, medical doctors, group therapy, weight-loss clinics?all a dead end for me.

    "But now I am finding help through information such as that found in the October 8th issue. It is desperately needed. I can?t tell you the feelings of hopelessness that I have at times, so overwhelming that death would seem a relief. But now I can see that what happened to me as a child wasn?t my fault, that God doesn?t think I?m dirty. I was a victim. Because of information such as this, I see that Jehovah does care, that I can trust him. After 33 years of life, I feel Jehovah?s spirit beginning to unlock the chains of bondage. Thanks for loving us enough to put the effort into such a wonderful gem as this Awake! Please continue to publish this type of articles and others, as they are vital for our spirituality."

    The following letter from one man sums up the feeling of many. He had suffered more than 50 years of anguish because of being abused as a child. He says: "Jehovah?s loving care through his earthly organization never ceases to amaze us and inspire ever deeper devotion and trust in him. After carefully studying the information in the October 8th, 1991, Awake! on child abuse, I wept for joy and sang song after song to Jehovah, rock and fortress, our refuge. Keep those articles coming, brothers. Jehovah is using you in ways you can never imagine."From OverseersOf interest is this letter from a traveling overseer who supervises the activity of a number of congregations of Jehovah?s Witnesses:

    "Thank you for the October 8th Awake! on ?Healing the Wounds of Child Abuse.? Excellent information was presented that we really need. The articles were very accurate. I have observed time and again that victims have a very difficult time relating to Jehovah as a loving Father. When I see this difficulty, I ask them discreetly, ?Were you mistreated as a child?? The great majority of the time, the answer is yes! In every instance where the person was able to see the connection between the abuse and the way their current depression or turmoil affects them, they began to improve."

    Summing up how many elders feel is this brief comment by another: "The October 8th issue on child abuse was excellent and needed. As elders in the congregations, we need to know as much as we can about these problems so as to show the concern and patience the victims need. As this system gets worse, these types of problems are getting more common. Thank you again for the help."

    It has warmed our hearts to receive such letters. Coming fully to appreciate that ?it was not their fault,? and as a result of the transforming power of God?s Word, such victims of child abuse cope with unhappy memories. They rejoice in the hope ahead, confident that in God?s new world, "the former things will not be called to mind, neither will they come up into the heart." (Isaiah 65:17; Romans 12:12) Even now, through the healing power of Jesus? blood, they have a clean standing with God. (Hebrews 9:14) And they need to turn to the elders for help. These elders can act as "a hiding place from the wind" to those in need, speaking consolingly and praying with them. (Isaiah 32:2; 1 Thessalonians 5:14; James 5:14, 15) Thus, abuse victims can be helped to move forward and find joy in all the activities of the Christian congregation.

  • AlanF

    Well, in the spiritual paradise that is Jehovah's organization, one only needs to study and go in field service, and all will be well.


    Jaracz objected to showing that this basic bit of Watchtower dogma is not true.


  • Leolaia

    I would bet that Jaracz felt the sheer number of testimonials from victims gave the impression that child abuse was indeed a problem in the organization, especially when paired with this comment from an overseer:


    g92 4/8 p.27 "I Wept for Joy" ***

    Of interest is this letter from a traveling overseer who supervises the activity of a number of congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses:

    "Thank you for the October 8th Awake! on 'Healing the Wounds of Child Abuse.' Excellent information was presented that we really need. The articles were very accurate. I have observed time and again that victims have a very difficult time relating to Jehovah as a loving Father. When I see this difficulty, I ask them discreetly, 'Were you mistreated as a child?' The great majority of the time, the answer is yes! In every instance where the person was able to see the connection between the abuse and the way their current depression or turmoil affects them, they began to improve."

  • Narkissos

    It's definitely "I wept for joy" (didn't check that article as the title didn't sound controversial).

    But coincidentally, the 4/8/93 issue had the following:



    "DURING the past decade, some 400 Roman Catholic priests have been reported to church or civil authorities for sexual abuse of children," according to U.S.News&WorldReport. Recently, a national gathering of survivors of such abuse was held near Chicago, Illinois. Many spoke openly of how they had been victimized by pedophile priests.

    But NCR (NationalCatholicReporter) notes that speakers sounded another theme repeatedly throughout the conference: "The first abuse is sexual; the second and more painful, is psychological." This second abuse occurs when the church refuses to listen to victims of abuse, fails to take their accusations seriously, and moves only to protect the offending priests. "Fairly or unfairly," NCR reports, "they portrayed Catholic clergy as belonging to an unhealthy and misguided group more bent on preserving privilege and power than in serving lay needs." Several speakers made ominous comparisons to the Reformation, which split the church wide open in the 16th century.

    According to Richard Sipe, a former priest turned psychotherapist and expert on sexual abuse by Catholic clergy, all this institutional denial reveals "a deep, desperate and knowing personal involvement in the problem." He added: "The church knows and has known for a long time a great deal about the sexual activity of its priests. It has looked the other way, tolerated, covered up and simply lied about the broad spectrum of sexual activity of its priests."

    Not surprisingly, then, many abuse survivors are suing the church. NCR quotes one attorney who specializes in such cases as saying that there are pedophile-priest cases in each of the church?s 188 dioceses in the United States. He says that out-of-court settlements have run as high as $300,000 per case. U.S.News&WorldReport says that such suits have already cost the church $400,000,000, a figure that could surge to $1 billion by the year 2000. And the Canadian Press reported recently that some 2,000 survivors of childhood sexual abuse in 22 church-run orphanages and mental institutions in Quebec are suing six religious orders for $1.4 billion in damages.

    Interestingly, though, the aforementioned U.S. attorney, who represents 150 victims of pedophile priests in 23 states, says that he has never yet had a client who was eager to go to court. Each one first tried to seek justice "within the pastoral context of the church." NCR concludes: "Survivors go to the courts, it appears, not as a first resort, but as a last resort."

  • Atlantis
  • tijkmo
    Jehovah Really Understands and Cares Deeply

    the evidence of jehovah really understanding and caring deeply is based solely on local congregations being understanding and caring ...and the plain truth is they are not...

    the org may 'care' enough to write a series of articles about it..including a mission statement that elders are to be qualified and caring.... but it ends up being pretty pointless if no-one applies the directive and no action is taken when they dont..

    as a result of which many victims are not helped to recovery, leave the 'loving org' and so will be destroyed at armageddon for their sins.

    ooooooh how deep is your care

    interesting quote from narkissos re seeking help pastorally before legally....i can certainly relate (although not from a sexual abuse perspective)

  • AndersonsInfo

    As I discussed in my story, "Discoveries of Barbara Anderson, Eye Witness to Deceit" http://www.jehovah's-witness.com/6/113492/1.ashx, a number of senior writers told me that Ted Jaracz disapproved of many of the suggestions given to help sexual abuse victims recover from the aftereffects of molestation as found in the Oct. 8, 1991 Awake! cover series articles, titled, "HEALING THE WOUNDS OF CHILD ABUSE."
    Jaracz's major objection to the articles, I was told, could be called the validating of "repressed memories" when the article acknowledged that abuse victims can indeed repress memories of their abuse only to have these memories surface years later. Also, the Awake! encouraged extremely depressed victims to seek the help of mental-health professionals (most of whom are not Witnesses); and, also, that it was okay for victims to discuss their abuse with a supportive friend, both suggestions which Jaracz was against. His attitude, as pointed out by previous posters, has always been that congregation meetings, field service and studying the Bible, are the cure all for the aftereffects of abuse or even depression.
    As an aside, it would seem that Jaracz had to realize that talking to people other than the elders could have a very detrimental effect on the organization if the abuser was a Witness. The power of the elders over the victim to remain silent because of the confidentiality rule would be lost, and the name of the accused perpetrator could become public.
    As I pointed out in my heretofore published personal story, the Oct. 8, 1991 Awake! received the most mail in the history of the organization other than an Awake! about laboratory animal testing. The Writing Dept. was very encouraged by the response, but Jaracz and those who agreed with him were not. In fact, I personally discussed the Oct. 8th Awake! with Service Dept. personnel who told me that they disagreed with this Awake! and it was obvious from their reaction that they did not want this information to continue to get the attention of any more readers. So when the opportunity availed itself, because Lloyd Barry was out of town, I was told that Jaracz tried to stop the publishing of the April 8, 1992 Awake because it contained the article, "I WEPT FOR JOY."
    Do you think that Jaracz could possibly be happy with a statement like this found in that article: "I thank Jehovah for providing this information, the best articles I have ever read on the topic."? No way did he want Witness victims of sexual child abuse thanking the Society for corroborating repressed memories, as well as saying they would follow all the advice given in the Oct. 8th Awake! which would include seeking out mental health counselors and therapists, supportive friends, etc. This would probably mean bypassing the elders, something the Service Dept. was dead set against, even though some elders expressed appreciation in their letters for the October 8th issue.
    BTW, a few months ago, I looked on the Watchtower's website to see exactly what Watchtower and Awake! magazine articles about sexual child abuse are available there to read. I found only a footnote reference to the October 8, 1991 Awake! which was a change from a number of years ago when there was no reference to it at all. However, I did not see any mention of the April 8, 1992 Awake! although I was not specifically looking for it. Perhaps someone else who has more time than I have can research that for us.
    Hope this answers your question, slimboyfat.

  • MinisterAmos
    "Thank you for the October 8th Awake! on ?Healing the Wounds of Child Abuse.? Excellent information was presented that we really need. The articles were very accurate. I have observed time and again that victims have a very difficult time relating to Jehovah as a loving Father. When I see this difficulty, I ask them discreetly, ?Were you mistreated as a child?? The great majority of the time, the answer is yes! In every instance where the person was able to see the connection between the abuse and the way their current depression or turmoil affects them, they began to improve.

    We know that Witnesses are not recruited off the street but are born into it (as a rule)

    The Overseer has just revealed that he has seen "time and time again" examples of child abuse.

    Since the vast majority of abuse occurs within the family or friendship circle the Overseer has all but stated that JWs abuse children.

    That is the problem Jaracz had with the article.

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