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  • juni

    troubled mind said:

    Devil's Lake in WisconSIN hahaha . I've been there pretty place

    Amen sister!! How ya doing today? Ever been to Big Bear lake north of Manitowish Waters, WI? Beautiful campground. But we had a problem w/skunks only because our oldest forgot to take the chicken scraps to the garbage that night and we had skunks fighing over it under the trailer. They came back each night looking for more goodies. But it was a blast.

    The one night we were sitting out by the fire and they would approach us looking for a fight! The boys through rocks towards them to get them to go back which they eventually did. Only had one guy that came in w/his ass toward us. Fortunately no one got sprayed. Our fellow camper neighbor's dog did tangle w/a skunk and came back stinking.


  • luna2
    As for me I'd do that, but, then, I'd need to spend the night at a $Hotel$, with a hot shower and king size bed.

    Me too, xjwms. LOL I love the idea of camping but I do like my comforts.

    Glad you had a good time peaches.

  • juni

    xjwms said:

    As for me I'd do that, but, then, I'd need to spend the night at a $Hotel$, with a hot shower and king size bed.

    At most of the state parks in Wisconsin they have nice bathrooms with hot showers. So you stay comfortable. The bed situation depends on what you're camping with. You can be quite cozy. And nothing like doing the deed outside in a tent or whatever. Just check for poison ivy first! And spiders!

    I remember one anniversary my husband and I went to Governor Dodge State Park. We took the trail way way up to the cliffs. No one is there - totally private. Grassy areas up there w/beautiful views of the lakes. You are up there w/the hawks and eagles. Any ways, we stripped naked and goofed around with the cool breeze tickling our bodies. Then we did the deed. It was WONDERFUL. You guys should try it sometime. Maybe bring a picnic lunch too - though you'd have to have a back pack as the climb gets pretty hard.

    Blondie - maybe you and irreverent could do that sometime, huh sweetie?? Or any of the other Wisconsin friends? It makes for a wonderful anniversary!


  • Peaches-n-Cream

    Yes, Devils Lake is in Baraboo Wisconsin. It was my first time there and I would have liked to do more exploring, but it was cold, rainy and wet!

    Ohhh, for the shrimp... we just marinated them that afternoon with some italian dressing. Then just grilled them for a few minutes. Really easy. Food does taste much better over the camp fire....

  • ttbeachbum

    ah a topic I am at home with, camping as my screen name indicates.

    It looks like you were prepared! Great pixs, thanks for sharing!

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi peaches n cream, great pics, thanks for sharing them.

    It looks like you had a great time.

  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?

    Great pics, Peaches. Looks like fun - I've been to Devil's Lake plenty of times... do you live close to there?

    We'll have to go there again just for a day of hiking before the weather gets bad - fall is the best time for hiking at Devil's Lake - it's gorgeous!!!

    Good Girl or Bad Girl

  • mama1119

    Looks fun. I myself am not a camper...Im a bit obsessive, but I am always jealous of campers!!!

  • integ

    I used to camping there with the Curtiss's. My name is John Olson.

  • chiddy

    Butlins anyone?

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