Do you buy into conspiracy theories?

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  • BizzyBee
    plmkrzy: no I hate conspiracy theories and do not buy into them

    As a fairly neutral observer, I find it interesting that

    • so many people have such strong reactions to conspiracy musings - verbally attacking the poor soul who dares to speculate
    • your reaction reveals much about who you are - your 'hot buttons'
    • there is a plethora of popular novels and movies churned out every year, making their creators millions, that are basically the same kind of musings, gobbled up by the masses including some of the same people, no doubt, who get terribly upset if an amateur tries the same kind of speculation
    • Mr. Bee alone annuallykeeps several of these authors living in high style
    • there is so much absolute certainty on both sides of conspiracy issues

    I am quite comfortable with saying, "I have no effing idea if there is any validity to conspiracy theories and I don't particularly care."

    I have quite enough consternation, thank you, over what we DO know for a fact about government shenanigans.

  • Finally-Free

    Was Kennedy really killed by a lone gun man?

    No, but the aliens want us to think he was. See below.

    Did man ever make it to the moon?

    Don't know. All I can say is - how come I could watch the moon walk on TV and hear the astronaut voices in 1969, but now, in 2006, I cannot get cell phone reception in my house or in my driveway? I have to walk out to the street.

    Does the government cover up alien life?

    The aliens ARE the government, silly! Trust me, I work for the bastards.


  • tijkmo

    i went through a stage of almost believing every conspiracy going...after having ones faith in god and his org shattered its an easy step to start questioning everything else i believed to be true

    but i dont really care anymore

    i have concluded though that when something unexplained happens it is more likely to be ineptitude than conspiritorial

    having said that it is rumoured that it is not the titanic that hit that iceberg

  • Pleasuredome

    Was Kennedy really killed by a lone gun man?

    back and to the left is all i have to say about that one

    Did man ever make it to the moon?

    undecided on this one

    Does the government cover up alien life?

    chances are that if there is alien life coming here then the government would cover it up. but is there? i dont know.

  • Genesis

    A "cool" conspiracy is the one about Freemasons secretly ruling the world. Maybe CT Rusell was under the authority of the Highest grade Freemason and they ordered him to creat a cult to keep control over people... The JWs mem is very insidious, I find suspicious that the one(s) that created were "sincere" bible students.

  • Leolaia

    Did you know that the plane that crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11 flew within 100 feet of a David Icke book a few seconds before impact? Just a little factoid I learned today.

  • lowden

    I firmly believe that some of the 'theories' are in the ballpark of the truth.

    Kennedy? More than one gunman for definite.

    It's always entertaining to read of the various musings and mad rants that some proffer.

    Sadly though, there is very little we can do, even if they were ALL true.

    Plow your furrow.



  • Beardo
    Sadly though, there is very little we can do, even if they were ALL true.

    Thats what 'they' want you to believe.

    Empower yourself and others with knowledge. We may not be able to directly control the warmongers, but we sure can cast a few spanners in the works along the way.


    For one so educated, your comment is crass and ridiculous. Yes there are the 'looney' fringe adding information to the pot, but there are also sincere whistle blowers who risk their lives and sometimes lose their lives to help expose the powers that be and their dirty little schemes.

    Do you think Dr David Kelly actually killed himself?

  • lowden


    Do you think Dr David Kelly actually killed himself?

    No i certainly don't think Dr Kelly killed himself!! But what can i do about the 'dark forces' that were responsible??

    The thing is, i would love to have the balls, brains and sheer blood and guts to be another Ernesto Guevara. I agree with your sentiments though. Maybe i'm becoming increasingly cynical and 'self-preserving' as i get older.



  • Beardo
    Maybe i'm becoming increasingly cynical and 'self-preserving' as i get older.

    I think we all feel that way to a degree. I know over the last few years my energy resources have been lower & lower, I wouldn't like to completely throw the towel in though, as there are some truly horrible things taking place on the planet at the moment and to be frank, I reckon we will see a whole lot more due to the weaponry out there and being developed.

    The depleted Uranium used in Iraq and more recently in Lebanon is disgusting and I do not want my name associated with those choices.

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