Do you buy into conspiracy theories?

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  • free2beme


    You always seem to know the best locations for links. I thought that FOX special was interesting when I saw it a few years ago. There was a follow-up special on Discovery channel, that covered some of their points. While most were pretty much covered with, "It could go both ways." The one about the photo have cross hairs that appears to be behind objects, was disproven when they showed the original photo, and showed how the cross hair image was laid over to help in research. Even in the follow-up special, there were people who said it could go either way, on whether we went there or not. Of course, to link that topic to my alien topic, there are some who say an alien space station exist on the dark side of the moon. Maybe that is why we never returned, we were told not too. You never know?

  • mkr32208

    Was Kennedy really killed by a lone gun man?

    Yes it's been proven over and over and over and over and over!

    Did man ever make it to the moon?

    Yes, only looonies would say they didn't...

    As to why we didn't go back why should we? Whats there exactly?

    Does the government cover up alien life?

    Yup sure every SINGLE government is working TOGETHER to cover up alien life...

  • mkr32208
    At one time there was even a competition to see if someone could do what he supposedly did with the rifle and scope they said he used.

    I call bullshit! There was an 70 year old man on the history Chanel who did it just a few months ago! It was an easy shot and he had almost 3 seconds per shot! For someone who scored "expert" on the military training course it would be CAKE! The story that Oswald was a bad shot is a lie put out there but the conspiracy nuts.

    Go to history channel and see when they are going to air the kennedy conspiracy show again it's pretty fair and balanced and the OLD dude does the shots EASILY...

  • Arthur

    Generally speaking, I don't believe in most of the conspiracy theories that are floating around out there. However, I am not always cynically closed minded.

    JFK Assasination:

    I believe that there was a second shooter (who's bullet was the fatal shot). Beyond this, I have no theories; except that it may have been kept secret due to him being a Cuban national; which would had huge geo-political implications if released to the public.

    Moon Landing:

    Yes, I do believe the moon landing really took place.

    Government Hiding Alien UFOs?

    No. All of the hype regarding Area 51 has been shown to be the Pentagon and Air Force experiments with spy technologies which were kept top secret due to the Cold War. I think many UFO sightings are merely US Air Force test flights of experimental aircraft. (it's no coincidence that most UFOs are spotted near Air Force bases).

  • mkr32208
    was kept secret for four years,

    That's because most of the people who WORKED on it didn't even know what they were working on! Plus they lived completly isolated from society! How were they going to tell?

  • Leolaia

    In 2008, the Lunar Reconnaisance Orbiter will photograph the lunar surface with the finest resolution yet and its first mission will be to revisit the six landing sites of the manned missions and photograph the scenes...even things like the buggies and their tracks should be reasonably clear. The purpose of the mission is part nostalgic and also partly to compare with the 1960s-era photos to see how much the site has been cratered in the decades since...the rate of cratering is an important factor in planning any "moonbase" in the future. It also should settle the "moon hoax" (tho many other things such as the existence of moon rocks and the laser retroflector that was placed on the moon in 1969 which is still in use today should have settled it in the minds of many already).

  • roybatty
    No. I have great faith (based on evidence) in human beings' inability to keep secrets.

    Exactly. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people would have to been involved and kept silent. For over 40 years? I don't think so.

  • mkr32208
    It also should settle the "moon hoax"

    Should but won't... Nothing will...

  • zagor

    Kennedy: Not sure yet, though trajectory of bullets does indicate it came form Oswald's riffle. Whether he was a pawn in someone else's hand - possible?

    Moon: We've definitely been there, who else put some of those instruments that are still working on the moon.

    Alians: Well this was an issue that bothered me for some time but I?ve recently come to realize that we were all suckers for believing in it. All the hoopla around UFOs was a great cover story for stealth technologies. When government says there is nothing to some subject and that people are simply imagining it, what do you think people are going to believe?? And funny thing is, it works every time. They simply know how most of us react and what button to push to make use see things certain way. Ever heard of Reverse Psychology? Sure you have, you just never though you yourself might be a victim. Especially during the cold war, when western newspaper would speak about latest round of UFO sightings, Russians would laugh it off, or at least (and which is the most important) would look into a wrong direction for an answer. IF UFO thing were true you would see weird things happening in anything connected to space exploration. (Why do they still spend billions in searching for signs of life in universe if answer existed 50 years ago)
    I would recommend everyone here to read "Out of the Shadows" by David Clark and Andy Roberts. It will dispel most of cherished and ?unexplained? occurrences.

  • free2beme

    Do you ever notice though, that when you bring up any conspiracy theories, someone will always get upset and attack the fact that they even exist. I think they are interesting, and they are something fun to speak of and have talked into the evening about it with many people. Not that I believe this all, but it is fun to question.

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