Do the Governing Body have a priviliged life style or not?

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  • Gill

    DaCheech - Is that the 'standard' way to pay for a GB visitor. How come Bethel HQ didn't pay for everything? So the cash got handed over to the 'Speaker' then? I would think your IRS would be interested in that.

    Read Good Books - Welcome!

    I'm not totally sure, I'm certain someone can correct me on on this, but I thought that Leo Greenlees had to leave because he was gay.

  • Arthur
    Why was Leo Greenlees pursuaded to go? He was at Bethel when I was there seemed harmless.

    Leo Greenless had to leave the Governing Body due to allegations of child molestation. You can find more info about his case at:

  • slimboyfat

    Wasn't Greenlees the one who was retired because a young man killed himself after falling victim to his advances?


  • Gill

    Looks as if you can only 'fall' so far on the WT ladder. The higher up you are, the less of a punishment you get.

    I wonder if they get that from the example of how God let King David off?

  • greendawn

    They live like kngs, they are the ones that control the finances of the org, as far as we know there is noone above them to inspect what they do with it. More likely though they enjoy the sense of having so many people at their feet controlling their lives as they hung from every word that they say. Power and glory are more appealing than money to some persons, this is an empire with six million subjects.

  • Gill

    Greendawn - Are they really in charge of the finances? I thought that the WTBTS had been split into different companys, with different heads of these companies and different shareholders. The purpose of that being that they couldn't be held financially responsible should a law suit blame the GB's rulings on anything 'bad' that might happen to someone.

    If the GB are now separate from all these different WT corporations, how do the GB get their money. Do they have a separate WT sponsored bank account?

  • DaCheech
    DaCheech - Is that the 'standard' way to pay for a GB visitor. How come Bethel HQ didn't pay for everything? So the cash got handed over to the 'Speaker' then? I would think your IRS would be interested in that.

    This man was not a GB member, he was foreign branch president (just like you got one in GB too). This guy was "invited" by a bethel heavy in our congregation.

    The irs could get involved, but if he can muster the proper receipts, it would just be considered reimbursement for traveling expenses. In business nowadays you can deduct (reimburse) restaurants, and entertainment too.... so the IRS would have a hard time these green handshakes.

    Also when Special pioneers and bethel members come to our congregation, the congr. accountant hands the man cash for traveling expenses.

  • Gill

    Hmph! The infamous 'Green Handshake!'

    Lets the buggers get away with screwing the local brothers, and the tax man!

  • MidwichCuckoo
    Having heard that Ted Jaracz is being flown out of state to consult a heart specialist

    What? He's not 'waiting on Jehovah' to cure all his ills in the 'New System'?

    I thought it was only certain Catholic Orders that took 'vows of poverty'.

  • jambon1

    Great god, theres none above you......

    .............except these guys are at the top of the rung in bethel life.

    Once 2 brothers came here for an International convention and I was absolutely stunned to hear that they stayed in one of our citys luxury hotels. It still kinda sounds unbelievable today when I think about it. I naturally thought that they would stay in the brothers homes.

    How many of us would like to stay a wee weekend in a nice plush hotel? Yes, it would be a real treat.

    Having said that, I would rather stay in a kennel than have their way of life.

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