The Best Revenge as a so called "Apostate" is...HAPPINESS

by Lady Liberty 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • delilah

    My parents don't even ask me how my family is anymore, they know how I'll answer. We've never been happier, and they don't understand it. We're supposed to be SOoo miserable, since we left Jehovah, and the opposite is true.

  • DaCheech

    Like the driving force within me: Just when you see someone knocking you down..... you get up and instead of knocking them, you proove them wrong by succeeding way beyond their wildest expectations.

    I've used this mental thinking everytime I had to look for a new job!!!

    wish you guys luck, and don't bother with these loosers....

    I only wish I had no family in this lie

  • LeftBehind

    I could not agree more. I don't think my JW relatives believe me when I tell them I am happy. It was really hard at first. I was very, very fortunate that I was guided out of the org by my brother who had been there done that and I had a lot of support upon my exit. Some witnesses cannot fathom that you can be happy outside the borg. Really sad for them.

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