Why no Kingdom Ministries???

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  • KennyC
    So it seems that the newbiews were going to be fast introduced to the meritocracy known as JWs.

    That's what it really was all about, Oz.

    So, I guess if a fatherless boy who had to fix his grandmothers leaking roof last month, he could be as ineligible as,say: A fornicating intruder who comes to the hall to meet girls. I remember being busy with some work so badly once that I showed up at the hall one Thursday night not knowing that I had the 5 minute talk. Usually the elder in charge will find a substitute when someone doesn't show. No questions asked. But this jerk had to take me aside and get a good dig in on me because I had no dad to defend me and I still showed up like a dumbass.

    He said: "The society says I have to take you off the ministry school. There's nothing I can do: my hands are tied. Satan's taken over your mind."

  • czarofmischief

    Thus, people attending who hadn't a copy of the KM were at a severe disadvantage

    Oh. I feel bad. I really do. So below I have created a Universal Kingdom Ministry School Template:

    5 min: Announcements (Include suspicious numbers of growth in countries not locatable on any map)

    10 min: Demonstration of Unlikely Conversations

    10 min: Crude Psychological Manipulation Techniques

    20 min: Thinly Veiled Browbeating for Donations

    Poorly Sung Ripped-off-from-1930's-Top-Twenty-List Song and then the Concluding Lecture to the Congregation While Everybody Is Trapped With Their Eyes Shut.

    See? Easy peasy.


  • greendawn

    Who cares? I am sure someone that has them puts them up on the internet somewhere, for all to see. Nowadays most of their publications from day one are on the net.

  • GermanXJW

    In one of my former congregations it was checked that one DFed man would only get one copy each because he still used to do streetwitnessing. edit: of the mags

  • Dismembered

    Greetings mama1119,

    :could not have a Kingdom Ministry...does anyone know why that rule????

    That's watchtowers raggy toilet paper news bulletin that keep the sheep abreast as to policy changes.

    None for you, if your in the penalty box.


  • girasole

    I agree that it's just another tactic to make those who are d'fed feel ostrasized. But I also think that it's an attempt, though not an effective one, at keeping their tactics on the "inside." As an example, one of the last TMS meetings that I attended included a discussion on "Showing personal interest in order to give a witness." There was even a demonstration of a "brother" talking with his neighbor and then later bringing the conversation around to witness related matters. A person who has not been indoctrinated would look at that and no doubt conclude that the interest shown there was contrived and not genuine. They most likely do not want people looking at the topics in the KMs objectively - and determining that they are superficial and shallow nature. They'd prefer those topics to be shrouded in their interpretations and repititive assurances of their "true" and wholesome motivations and explanations of why it IS loving and meaningful to take certain approaches in the ministry. They don't want for any dick, tom, or harry, reading the KM for the same reason they don't want for just anyone and everyone to read the shepherding the flock book - because when people read those things and are in a position to be objective and unattached it reveals just how shallow the witness tactics really are. girasole

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    Welcome Girasole!!

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    They also save a penny for each KM

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