How good does if feel to you not attending meetings anymore?

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  • material BOY
    material BOY

    great i can watch my soaps in peace! and i dot miss song 133! were jehovah's twitnesses!

  • restrangled

    For as long as I can remember, Tuesdays and Thursdays started with a dread feeling in my stomach. It took many, many years to unload it.

    Several years ago, (and I won't go into the circumstances here) my mom talked me into going back to Sunday meetings. After working all week, all I wanted was to relax, but I knew Sunday morning was coming and that same sick feeling filled my stomach. So Friday night was my only mental free time.

    Saturday was spent getting done what I needed to do, and dreading Sunday Morning.

    Why would anyone want to spend their life this way?

    How good does it feel? I AM FREE FOREVER! NO MORE DREADED DAYS!


  • Arthur
    Why oh why have they had the same amount of meetings that they have had a hundred years ago????? Why haven't they been "simplified" for the good of the people? My thinking is it doesn't benefit the Society at all to have less meetings.

    You must see all of the meetings for what they really are: Indoctrination Sessions. The WTS must keep the rank & file fully indoctrinated in what to think, and how to think. If Witnesses had more time on their hands, more of them would start to do more research. It wasn't until I quit going to meetings that I had the time to start doing in depth research of the Bible, archeoolgy, history, and science.

    The JW schedule as designed by the WTS is typical of cult like groups. The goal is to keep the members so busy and so indoctrinated, that they don't have the time or energy to actually think!

  • dido

    Experfectdaughter, snap, its my b/day tomorrow too, but am a bit older than you! Ii can understand where `30 years a w/tower slave` comes from, all those bloody meetings, i don`t miss them one bit. Have been out nearly 5 years now, and love having my freedom to do what i want and not have to stick to times etc. The best thing is the lie ins on the weekend, and just being lazy sometimes, it`s great!

  • mama1119

    I have forgotten about them now. Except when I drive by and see all the cars there...but alther than that, nada!

  • peacefulpete
    I have been in the truth my whole life and tomorrow I turn 32!

    You have been in the what? You have been in a church , nothing more than that. Welcome, recovery begins with shedding the cultic lingo and trigger words.

  • MsUrsy

    I have to agree with Blondie...sometimes I forget what day it is...I love not having to be OBLIGATED to be some was all a phony show. If you had the right look, and attended the exact amount of meetings, including were deemed a perfect witness...god forbid, you didn't attend and kept yourself moral, compared to alot of the ones who sat there and felt free rein to fornicate, and be drunkards, so long as they put on the right show....Oh I hated meetings!! I always had the bug to leave half way through, after I had bitten my cuticles to a bleeding state...and I would sit and watch my husband sleep, and my kids draw...I was like, I gotta go right now! It has been almost a year, (next month) that I have attended a meeting...and definitely feels like a LOAD has been lifted!

  • GermanXJW

    I have not attended a meetings in six years now. I did not really dislike them but they were too much in number and there was too much time to be invested to be prepared, even more when you played an active part. When meetings were on Sunday morning, I did not have a single free morning because Saturday morning was for the preaching work. This was really exhausting! When my wife and me decided to no longer attend meetings, the first thing we noticed was how much we enjoyed having a relaxed breakfast together on a weekend morning.

  • Flash
    How good does if feel to you not attending meetings anymore?

    Very good. It took about a year and a half not to think of what day it was and connect it to a meeting. I now feel very free and relaxed not having the Evil Slave/GB dictating every waking moment of my life.

  • girasole

    I remember when I first stopped attending meetings- - the first few times I acually got dressed and then undressed about 5 times before I made the resolve not to go and to instead do something else. That was back when I was terrified of being in my own apartment for fear that a witness would come knocking at my door begging me to come back - and when I feared running into a witness when I went out to eat or to the grocery store. So in the beginning it was a relief for me to know that was a time when I could go out and not have to worry about running into anyone because they were all at the KH. I don't fear that anymore and it's just nice for my time to actually be MY time - without any of those old obligations. My parents are still witnesses and I fear that my father's health is in danger because of all the obligations and stress. He's an elder, conducts a book study, and has a demanding career that requires that he spend an upwards of 45-50hrs a week at the office. there is very little "down time" at their house. when he's home he's preparing for a talk, a book study, or preparing to conduct the watchtower. When he's not doing that, he's getting flack from my mom about how it's his job to take care of those in his book study and if someone doesn't come to the meeting he needs to call them and see what's up, if their sick he needs to visit, etc. my father is naturally a rather introverted person and none of these things come very naturally to him. i wish that he could see that he does not need to spend all of that time fighting his nature and that it's okay to just be who he is. girasole

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