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    My wife was physically abused and mentally abused. I used to hate her parents and wanted nothing more than for a giant to come down from heaven and beat the the hell out of my wife's parents. Believe it or not I like them now. They are OK people with out kids at home. Her dad worked for me for two years and he is sick deep down knowing his kids were abused by his wife. My wife has forgive them both. A heart is small and needs healing so love can sit in and stay. I hope you can forgive it took over 10 years for my wife.

    I still have great bitterness for the BORG and I to need to forgive them. Someday maybe I can also forgive.

  • Brigid
    A heart is small and needs healing so love can sit in and stay

    That is so beautiful, skyking. And so true.

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    Hi ttforb, and welcome to the forum

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    Welcome to the board. You will find lots of supprt here!

    ((((((CARMEL)))))) What a way to get DF, how utterly unjust! I hope you are at peace now!

  • alienagent

    Hello and welcome. I am new here myself and have enjoyed reading the posts and receiving the wonderful support. For me, my JW marriage crumbled (as many of them do) and along with it so much slander from her elder father in the congregation. I am not DF/DA'd, but it is early yet and only a matter of time. I was raised in the "the truth" and as a youth tried to obey all the WT rules - comb my hair just right, modest dress, keep it in my pants before marriage, field service, drag myself to every boring meeting etc. All along, my heart just wasn't in it. I cound see the mindless drones sitting there being spoon fed the propoganda. In a nut-shell, in my experience I have discovered that "the truth" is no more than conditional love, a depressing and gloomy view of the world (i.e. all non-JW's are walking corpses, the dark cloud of armageddon hanging over my head) and a ticket to paradise with a string attatched.

    Sorry to hear about your situation. As said, it is not uncommon, but there are real people out there in the "evil non-JW world" who would like to be your friends and be of support. Not a people who are going to offer you friendship based on the rigid conditions of the WT fantasyland.


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    You should read "the Truth Book, Growing up abused among Jehovah's Witnesses", by Joy Castro.

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