Eve and Adam

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  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?

    Haha, this is all very good stuff.

    I really like the way Mary thinks.

    And Ania.

    And of course, MsMcDucket.

    This is why mankind used to worship goddesses.

  • restrangled

    And so it goes....

    Women are always to blame in society. In the WBTS, they are the ones that get blamed if a brother is "tempted" either by the way she dressed, or if she dared be alone with the idiot......or fill in the blank.

    In the real world they are blamed if a man (oops) strays.....she led me on, it was the way she was dressed, my wife wasn't taking care of me.........blah, blah, blah and blah.

    Nothing changes.


  • ania
    They told me that the King James Version had been corrupted by man. They forgot to tell me that theirs was just as corrupted. Maybe they didn't know.

    Ooh they knew alright...funny thing is they didn't corrupt it enough for real truth seekers not to be able to see through and question all the bs

    Keep asking questions. You don't need to be a JW. You need to be you. Not some robot for some organization

    I couldn't agree with you more. sorry i was trying to be funny with my crack about being a good jw .

    i'm a little dissapointed we didn't get a bite from Gumbo, i was kinda lookin forward to it

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