She sings with Erika Badu

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  • luna2

    Congrats, Sparky! That's excellent.

  • crankytoe

    Erica Badu is FOINE!!

  • Sparkplug


    But, with any luck ya'll might show up at Reggae On The River next year...

    Now would that not be a kick in the pants..

    tijkmo- Hey I hear tell he is working on some contracts in the UK, Japan and one other place I forgot. I am so excited. He needs both shots for the European release and the US. From what he said that he has found the UK covers are very clean and crisp. The US covers have a much bigger story going on with them. He loved the Jezebel shots and might like to branch out and try letting me run with it. sometimes people can sing, but they may not have the same idea of presentation that a fresh eye might. We will see. Do you think that the UK covers are simple enough? Or would you say they are more detailed? that might help me some.

    Mis- I thank thee for the kind words lady. They bloat my head and tighten my braids.

    Cranky- Uh. hmm Luna- Thanks. I really have some hope in this and am trying to keep it tempered.

  • codeblue


    Hope you got the last pm I sent you.

  • lonelysheep

    YOU and only you are her photographer--That's great!!

  • Sparkplug

    Code blue. Did I miss that one? Are you settled yet? Dang I am sorry. I so want you to hurry and get settled...

    I am so sorry if I did. Had a rough month. Looking forward to a better one!


    YOU and only you are her photographer--That's great!!

    For this shoot at least. I hope it stays that way. And moreso, I want her to go far. But I am not so sure about that. I accidentally left her disk at work.

  • codeblue

    It's ok....I have had a terrible month...soon to get out of working full time with a cult-like employer....(I was stressed beyond belief...that and trying to get settled)

    I haven't had much computer time to post or even answer my emails. I had a 6 day work week........yuck!!!

  • Sparkplug

    Soon. Let me know when you are settled. I would say I could come help, but it looks near impossible unless you are working at midnight till 2.


  • damselfly

    That's freakin awesome news!! I'd be doing happy spins if I had that kind of news.


  • Sparkplug


    I was. Till the next bomb dropped. I tell you what today that man from the record company has called off the wall. He is a new starter and has started because he watched friends get screwed over by larger labels. So 4 years ago he and his friend pulled their money and I like that. They are making a good clean start of it and from the sounds of it he has a lot of ideas and work he will send my way. He loved the Jezebel photos....BTW. So I am excited. He also has a man hr is trying to get as the spokesperson for an organ donation thing...He wants me to do a shoot with him. The guy gave up an organ to a father that was never there for him. This was in hopes he would feel the love and try to make a better start. I want to hear the rest of the story. I can't wait. I bet it makes for a good shoot if I can get some meaningful photos out of it.

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