A confession of Love, of finding Home

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  • BizzyBee
    I'm surprised I haven't read any 'gag me' type comments yet.

    Well, there's ONE.

  • restrangled

    I think your topic says it all. Best wishes to both of you.

    May you stay in love the rest of your lives!


  • LittleToe

    I'm so pleased for you both. You're an inspiration. Oh, and did anyone tell y'all recently that y'all look cute together

  • misanthropic

    That's just awesome Daystar. I'm truely happy for you both. It doesn't hurt that you two look just so darned adorable together either :p

  • Satanus

    Congratulations, and thanks for explaning jung a little more, and showing how it works in a practical way. Being totally honest w yourself, w others and going for what you want. How cool. It takes a lot of iconoclastic/demolitional work for an xjw to remove all the icons - father/man/husband, wife/woman/compiment/sub. Seems you've made it through that.


  • daystar


    What a sweet love story...is there more to tell???

    I'm sure that there will be.


    I gotta read some Jung!

    He should be on everyone's required reading list.


    you've just restored my faith in possibility

    Yeah... me too.


    The pre-Brigid you was always a nice, funny guy. You are so much happier, and I'm happy for you both.

    I really am happier! I can be a pretty tough guy to really connect with, but with her it's like hand in glove.


    Oh, and did anyone tell y'all recently that y'all look cute together

    *blush* Thanks bro.


    It doesn't hurt that you two look just so darned adorable together either

    It sounds like a common opinion. I think she's beautiful. If I look okay, it's only due to how she affects me when I'm around her.


    Jung had some pretty interesting things to say. And studying him (along with others of course) is quite the requirement, IMHO, for anyone who wants to understand themselves better, and is absolutely a requirement (to study, not necessarily to agree with) in my mind for anyone on any sort of spiritual path.

    Thanks for all of the kind comments. I'm sure there are those who may have read this and thought "idiots". Believe me, I understand. I suppose I've taken on the mantle of the Fool for the moment. But the Fool soon becomes the Magician along his path to the Source.

  • bikerchic

    Huggy-poos, kissy, kissy and all that mushy stuff. Now I'll tell you what was told to me and onacruse many times here on JWD.........

    Happy, happy, joy, joy!


  • SixofNine

    It's a jung-le out there, but you two need not be a-freud.

  • LittleToe



    I don't know where you exHUMEd that one from

  • greendawn

    Jung was a first class mind and a great psychologist. Well after so many false relationships you kept trying and finally got the right person. Now you can rest in peace regarding this issue.

    The anima in man is in the unconscious state as is the animus in woman. But I could never understand why he refused to aknowledge the existence of God though he admitted that man needs religion, God, and spirituality to be whole.

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