Another SACRIFICE on the Watchtower Blood Altar.......

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  • Shazard

    Most funny thing will be when the children will judghe their parents and GB for blood issue at the very end!

  • sass_my_frass

    Well reported though...

  • Gilberto

    Notice wat the girl said in this report

    The girl said she has come to terms with the fact she went against her church's teaching because everyone understands she didn't have the transfusion willingly.

    "I had the support of all my friends and my peers knew I refused it and it wasn't my fault I got the transfusion," said the teen. "They weren't shunning me or anything."

    She said she takes further comfort in her Bible readings.

    "God really cares for me and he knows what happened, but he forgives me."

    That poor girl, why would she feel she need God's forgiveness for something she had no control over anyway? Was she expecting to be shunned? The Watchtower not only was willing for her to die but now she is living is causing her psychological trauma.

  • funkyderek

    Notice how the Watchtower lawyers claim the issue is over "whether capable people, regardless of age, can make their own medical decisions", and yet the girl in question recognises she would have been shunned had she chosen to have a blood transfusion, essentially meaning she was being pressured by her religion to make the decision she did. Peer pressure has a huge influence on teenagers, and I think the girl's comments reveal that she was unduly influenced in her decision by the opinions of her religious associates. Given that this influence caused the girl to act against her own best interests, the courts were right to order the treatment.

  • Gilberto

    Good point derek

  • kerj2leev

    My nephew was 3 years old and had lukemia, he need an emergency blood transfusion, my sister and brother-in-law fought it. Long story short it courts step in and saved his life!!

    I remember one elder asking me with a sad face...."how are they taking it".....I remember even then thinking he's alive you pile of dung. He's is 13 now and just got baptised at the DC......

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    Is the WT still pro hemopur?

    why not let the world know that the god of brooklyn would approve giving this child COW'S blood! -

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  • Rabbit
    News Article: Jehovah's Witnesses oppose transfusions because they interpret certain passages of the Bible as forbidding the ingestion of blood.

    Google, "ingestion" you get "eating."

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    In general terms, eating (formally, ingestion) is the process of consuming something edible, i.e. food, for the purpose of providing for the nutritional needs of an animal, particularly their energy requirements. All animals must eat other organisms in order to survive: carnivores eat other animals, herbivores eat plants, and omnivores consume a mixture of both.
    While the process of eating varies from species to species, in humans eating is performed by placing food in the mouth and then swallowing it, with chewing often occurring between these actions. Eaten food is then digested.
    News article:
    She says she was bleeding quite a bit when she was admitted to hospital in April with a flare-up, but insists the transfusion did little to help her - although her symptoms subsided.

    Poor girl. She 'is old enough' and 'understands'...yet...she insists, even tho' she got better, it "did little to help her". Yeah...she understands.

    News article:
    "God really cares for me and he knows what happened, but he forgives me."

    And she's still on the Watchtower Guilt Trip™


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