Another SACRIFICE on the Watchtower Blood Altar.......

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  • kid-A

    Winnipeg girl in court to fight blood transfusions

    Last Updated: Thursday, September 7, 2006 | 8:49 AM CT
    CBC News

    A 15-year-old Winnipeg girl returns to a Manitoba courtroom Thursday to fight a court order that takes away her right to refuse blood transfusions.

    In April, the girl, who was then 14, went to a Winnipeg hospital with a flare-up of her Crohn's disease. A Jehovah's Witness, she and her parents refused to allow a blood transfusion.

    Most Jehovah's Witnesses believe a passage in the Bible forbids them from having blood transfusions, although some blood derivatives are allowed.

    The province's Child and Family Services Department convinced the Court of Queen's Bench to issue an order allowing doctors to give blood transfusions or blood products "as they deem medically necessary."

    Whether the girl received the blood transfusions or not at that point was never made public.

    Crohn's disease is a chronic illness that affects the gastro-intestinal tract from mouth to bowel. It has no known cure, but its symptoms can be relieved by drugs or surgery.

    The main issue to be debated Thursday is whether the teen should be considered a "mature minor" or be put under the wing of Child and Family Services and be forced to have the treatment when doctors deem it necessary.

    Watchtower Bible and Tract Society lawyer Shane Brady, who is representing the girl in court, said his main issue is not freedom of religion, but the simple question of whether capable people, regardless of age, can make their own medical decisions without the government's intervention.

    Brady told CBC News on Wednesday he is fighting the court order on the basis that it violates the girl's constitutional rights and the province's own laws.

    However, some medical and legal experts, as well as some former Jehovah's Witnesses, said cases like this are more about informed consent versus coercion.

    Critics said the religion asks members to sign cards saying they refuse blood transfusions, offering them a "better resurrection" if they refuse blood and die. They also charged that the movement threatens members with eternal condemnation and disassociation from the community if they do accept blood.

    >>>>This makes me sick. Another brainwashed child willing to commit suicide for some senile old buggers in Brooklyn.


  • kid-A

    Note the slimey way the Watchtower "lawyer" attempts to twist the situation as though it was some "universal" struggle for human rights!

    I wonder if he works for Joel Engardio??? No Mr. Brady. This is NOT about freedom of medical "choice", this is about a brainwashed child being coerced

    by a billion dollar publishing corporation and her dim-wit DUB parents to commit suicide over some perverse biblical misinterpretation!!!!

  • BizzyBee

    How do these people sleep at night? I mean: the parents, the GB, and their attorney. Murderers all.

  • Hellrider

    To the lawyer, Brady:

    You`re right, this is about "freedom of choice": It`s about the "freedom of choice" for a brainwashed teenager (what the hell does a 15-yearold know about anything, mr.Brady!!!???) to commit suicide for the Biblical interpretations of some old, senile idiots in a building in Brooklyn that know absolutely nothing about real theology, Biblical interpretations that these old idiots have gotten other gullible folks to believe, which they in turn have passed on to their children. A childs mind is like a wet sponge: It can be shpaed, twisted, molded any way the adults in charge wish to. You are assisting the suicide of a 15-yearold, mr.Brady. Not an adult, a 15-yearold. That makes you a murderer.

  • greendawn

    Yes it is perverse to fight those who are trying to save your life and in doing so condemn yourself to a possible death. The state is too soft on cults like this, they should get tough with them.

  • Genesis

    Shane Brady and their parents are blood guilty !

    And you Watchtower old crooks, shame on you, you deserve to die painfully !

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    wasn't that dr. death umm kevorkian?? -wasn't he found guilty of assisted suicide? of ADULTS?

    I see no difference here except the WT searches, coerces (sp?) and enforces the victims supposed "informed" decisions.

    blood guilty is right.

    They hold their warped symbol of life higher than the life it supposedly represents. Worshipping their idol.


  • Rabbit

    My Mom was sacrificed on that altar.

    My Ex-wife and I being good dubs (like this girls parents) were willing to sacrifice our newborn baby 2 decades ago. Our baby lived, the situation never got as bad as the docs thought it would, but, they had already started court procedures. You know of course, the JW's had a 'spin' on that, we were Klingon Hall Heroes ! We were honored, anomynously of course, at an assembly as "Faithful Parents" who had the 'faith of Abraham', yep...we were willing to sacrifice our own baby !

    That haunts me to this minute -- that I was willing to do that ! My Ex is a pioneer, who is still proud of what her faith did, of course, she believes our 'faith' ...'saved' our baby.

    Never mind the 10 intelligent surgeons, specialists and other doctors, nurses and a hospital full of high tech man made equipment !

    What is it about JWism that makes a person willing to sacrifice themselves or their loved ones -- over words ?

    Rabbit (actually thinking now-a-days)

    *Moderators* It would really be a great, very useful feature...if we had the ability to conduct POLLS. This is the largest Ex-JW site in the world...some really good questions could be answered by polls.

    For instance, we are always wondering how many JW's have died, because, of the blood policy and organ transplants.

    We always many JW's HAVE taken blood secretly ?

    How many XJW's were sexually abused ?

    And a plethora of other questions, too.

    If their is a fear of abuse...the mods could preview the polls before they were submitted. I don't know if that is really any kind of factor...

  • fullofdoubtnow

    This is the sickest aspect of a very sick religion.

    I agree, if this child dies, then Shane Brady, her parents and any other JWs involved should be prosecuted.

  • Twitch

    I watched a local news program on this case just now. They have an online poll.

    Do you think the courts have the right to impose blood transfusion or other medical treatments on a child?

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