Why can't the headline be "Paris Hilton dies in tragic diving accident!"

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  • free2beme

    I am so sick of this woman, and her fame for simply being born into a rich family. I am just waiting for the day that we get to see her name in the obituary and not on the front of some magazine to say what a great thing she has done, when she found a lost dog. I actually like the movie, "House of Wax", as it does allow you to see some damage done to this woman. Although, the rest of the movie was slightly lame. This scene of her taking a stack through the forehead, gives it some redeemable value. Sorry, but when you see a good guy die like the Crocodile guy, and this woman living to be nothing but famous for being rich. It irritates me!

  • AudeSapere

    It sounds kinda mean. But I *do* understand.


  • tnangel73

    According to this article, which I am not sure if it's erally accurate, she is making final arrangements. :D http://www.cultnews.com/?p=2118

  • free2beme

    Oh, I know and I bet other will say something like that too. I just watched this entertainment show tonight and they were talking about what she was wearing and had photos of her, on the same program where they covered the life of the Crocodile Hunter, and I thought ... why does this woman rate the time, and had to vent!

  • wonderwoman

    She drives me insane too...I don't see what's so hot about a big-nosed fake with tons of money and no personality.

  • lovelylil

    The reason that she is always on t.v. is that we Americans buy into all the glitz and glammor crap. Somehow we think that rich or famous people like Paris are living a better life than us and we envy her. The rich have problems too, only usually bigger than ours.

    Not me, I would not trade my life or family for any of her wealth. I can understand how you feel - she is a ridiculous person and yet is always in the news. And has not done one thing that I know of to help or improve society in any way. She should not be glorified for doing nothing.

    That being said - I would not wish a tragic death on my worst enemy. That is if I had one. But you don't seem like you are a mean spirited person most of the time so I think we can chalk up your comment as "having a bad day" and we ALL have those sometimes.

    Anyway, just think of this - Paris may be famous for her looks but remember the words of my favorite Judge Judy "Beauty fades - Dumb is forever". Lilly

  • Warlock

    The one thing that bothers me about Paris, is WASN'T WEALTH ENOUGH??!!

    Did she have to put herself on the "front page"? I never even knew who she was, until she started making sure the cameras were around when ever she was around. I wouldn't doubt if she paid them to be around.


  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    The reason this post irritates me:

    Paris is just a human. She is not a Goddess, although America treats her like one. She is not a good actress; definitely NOT a good singer; and she definitely is not the epitome of virtue. The reason she is so popular is that she just does what she wants, when she wants, and she doesn't care, and I think alot of people admire her for her that. I know I do.

    This may the dissenting post of this thread, but I actually like the lady. She doesn't care about anyone's opinion when it comes to doing what she wants. She doesn't HURT anyone or anything.. if anything she is very caring for animals, which is charming to me. Just because she's rich, it's not HER fault! She was born that way. Do you want someone to be upset with you because you make more money than them? It wouldn't be YOUR fault? Why should you fault Paris for something that is not her fault?

    She just lives her life freely and never mind opinions of people who are envious of her money and fame. She was born into it. She just wants to be happy. I like her. I like her alot. She's not like the snubby English royalty that have to control everything everyone does in the royal family, and tried to smuch Princess Diana's love for people and make her life miserable because they wanted to control everything. Paris, in America, IS royalty because she CAN do what she wants, and she does it with style.


  • Warlock
    Just because she's rich, it's not HER fault!

    I don't care if she is the richest person in history. My point is, it just wasn't enough for her. She had to thrust herself into the public eye.

    In so far as her wealth, I really don't care. As much as you can make, that's what I say.


  • SirNose586

    Yeah I agree, there are people worth the camera time and the national attention. This skinny doorknob (everyone's had a turn ) merits no attention. I don't watch Hollywood-centered TV programs or read pop culture magazines, but I've really had enough!

    The cycle's got to end sometime. Remember when you couldn't go 2 days without hearing something about Jennifer Lopez? Now you have to go out of your way to search for news about her. It'll happen with Paris, too.

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