How many hours do your work a week?

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  • hambeak

    I work 58 to 60 hours a week 6 days add 1.5 hours commute time each day I am ready for a 40 hour work week but alas I live in Bush land. It is for the rich here in the USA not the working stiff. I am now a devout democrat and I do vote

  • looking_glass

    there are some places that are like a "factory" even in the professional industry. unfortunately we are in a disposal generation and people are viewed as disposable as well. i get the feeling that a place will work you to death and then cut you loose after you are no longer of use to them. some firms in the city are worse then others, but it all seems the same to me the more i talk to people

  • zanex

    wow..damn some hard freakin workers here...i hate to say this too..i have to work 29 hours a week at my primary job and I pick and choose other small freelance stuff depending on my schedule as "dad"...but usually 24-29 hours a week is good for me...


  • Saoirse

    What in the world are you people doing for work? Are you working 2 jobs or something?

    I have never had a job that required me to work over 40 hours. I have agreed on occasion to work extra hours if there is an emergency, a deadline or I need extra cash but I would never take a job that required me to work 50+ hours a week.

    Life's too short to work that hard.

  • looking_glass

    I work at a mid size law firm. There is a guy whose name is on the door and he generally strolls in around 2 or 3 and decides he wants to start working then. The problem is that I cannot stroll in at 2 or 3, so I get in by no later then 8 and work until the nut job decides he wants to leave for the day (all the while giving me a couple of things to finish up before I head home for the evening). We do litigation. For trial work, you prepare which is a 7 days a week thing and then during the trial itself, you are in court all day and then when you return to the office you have to address all the things you could not when you were in court. I have it a little easier because I am always second chair, so I don't lead the trial, but it is still hard work. There are days when I hate the sight of my office, so I bring work home, but I am still working. Let me assure you there are days when I try and figure out what I can do to get out of the industry!

  • bavman

    50 or so. I worked 58 or so when I was still in the borg. Way too much when expected to be doing all that borg stuff on top of it....

  • tnangel73

    My schedule is that I works 3 12 hour days one week and 4 12 hour days the next. I usually work at least 1 or 2 extra days a week. Of course, right now, I am on medical leave but it's driving me nuts being at home every single day. My son is spoiled now. Lol.

  • blondie

    Some jobs have mandatory overtime because 24 hour coverage is required. Jobs such as:

    Law enforcement


    Power plant operation


    etc, etc

    For awhile I had such a job and was required to stay the next shift if someone called in sick or there was a shortage of staff. Life is strange when you work 12 hours a day 7 days a week and it is the night shift. I felt like a creature of the night for awhile.


  • mama1119

    I work about 15 hours a week usually. I am mostly a full-time Mom and wife , which I think counts as two full time jobs. My husband works about 60 hours a week right now. Its kind of our trade off--I take care of pretty much everything, house, grocery shopping, meal planning, bills etc. He pretty much doesn't have to do anything around the house. I would be EXHAUSTED if I had to do the JW thing still.

  • free2beme

    About 40-45

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