Did your Kingdom hall ever cancel meetings?

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  • frozen one
    frozen one

    Usually just for weather in the winter.

    One time during the summer the door to the hall opened and a cop walked in. Everyone turned and stared at the cop. I'm sure a number of people thought that a cop walking into the hall could only mean one thing - Armeggedon was starting. But instead of saying, "You are all under arrest" he said that a really bad storm containing tornados was bearing down on the area and he wanted to warn us because the storm sirens were not working. So the meeting was cancelled. People who lived in town opened their homes (actually basements) to those who lived in the country to wait the storm out. Quite a few came to my parent's house. We sat downstairs. The grown-ups had coffee and played cards or whatever. Us kids had sodas and played board games. Best meeting ever.


    Winter is just around the corner so I am hoping we get loads of snow on Sat and Sun.... no service or public talk and WT study since this is the only reason its cancelled...EVER.

  • freedom96

    Where I grew up, never did they cancel a meeting. When I was older, and moved out of state where it was colder, once or twice a year it would be cancelled due to extreme ice on the roads, unsafe conditions. I always loved that! Didn't happen enough though.

  • free2think

    Recently in my cong because the speaker kept being a no-show they would just do the wtower in the first half then go home. Also the when the hall was being refurbished the service meeting was cancelled completely for a few weeks. and had the group and watchtower in the bookstudy groups. Didn't miss the extra meeting though. was a bit bummed when work on the hall was fininshed.


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