Organizing The Former Jehovah's Witnesses Movement

by The wanderer 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • Satanus

    Pretty well, the only xdubs who organise for a common purpose are those who become christians, although not all xdub christians do this. Some of those groups are almost as wacko as the wt. Silent lambs is an exception. The rest of us are a herd of cats, each going our own ways. We come together here, as or when we please to chew on the same bones for a bit, then we are off again, on our separate ways.


  • IP_SEC
    Little Toe, GREAT CARTOON!!

    Thanks for the complement, but I dont think littletoe would appreciate it

  • Finally-Free

    Jehovah's Witnesses already have an overinflated sense of self importance. Starting an anti-watchtower movement of some sort could reinforce their delusions about themselves.

    The best thing a person can do is live as full a life as possible. Let the JWs observe our happiness and come to their own conclusions.

    Life is short, and I'm sure many of us have already wasted more time on the watchtower than they deserve. Leaving the cult only to spend much of your time and energy fighting it is not really "leaving", is it?


  • LennyinBluemont

    Sorry, IP_SEC. Your picture must have brought Little Toe to mind! Kudos! BTW, I agree the best revenge is to live a fulfilling life.

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