While being an active JW, did you throw away Watchtower literature?

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  • greendawn

    No I used to put them through doors rather than totally waste them, they would most probably get thrown away but at least there was a chance someone would read something.

  • KW13

    nope, we threw nothing apart from very old literature once cos the society said so, wish that hadnt of happened cos it would of contained a lot of evidence now

    some who threw away kingdom ministry's at our hall got funny looks lol

  • Finally-Free

    I used to throw away magazines in laundromats, doctors and dentists offices, and telephone booths. That way I could count them as placements™. There were some months I counted as much as 100 magazines, and only a few hours in service™. I'm sure the elders thought I was full of shit. Other magazines that were underlined, which was rare, went into the recycle bin.

    Now that I'm out of the cult most of my cult literature has been thrown out, but I found my old service™ bag when I was cleaning the garage on Saturday. This bag was given to me by my ex many years ago as an anniversary gift. It still has a bible, magazines, and all the JW paraphernalia in it. I'm trying to think of a suitable demise for it.


  • KW13

    tape some fireworks to it (huge ones) at halloween and see how far it goes. maybe it'll make it to jehoover.

  • Honesty

    Yes. All the time but I didn't let my ex-dub spouse know.

    After all it is litter-a-turd isn't it?

  • DaCheech

    I pick up 60+ from the literature.

    I place about 16 in laundromats.... the rest are scrapped....

    yes, and i'm a ministerial servant

  • sspo

    When i moved to a different state,I threw away 30 years of bound volumes and other books that we hardly ever used.

    The cd rom is the way to go.

    Are they still publishing the bound volumes?

  • lonelysheep
    Thats why i kept mine so long, and they never became useful....lol


  • schne_belly

    Yes, I did. ( holding my head high)

    I threw away the KM's once we were done.

    Since I never "talked" at the door in service I had a lot of leftover mags too. I would toss those too. Ya, I felt bad about it, but I guess not bad enough to try to place more the next month!

  • Beta Male
    Beta Male

    We had a fireplace in our house when i was a kid. We also had a huge pile(200-300)of magazines that just couldnt be placed, at least by my family. So my mom and i burned them in the fireplace. I felt pretty bad and told my mom we shouldnt be burning them, she said "theyre just books, theyre not holy" and pitched another bundle on. That was an eye opener for me, since i was always taught to respect the publications. In retrospect, my mom was probably trying to save face by not having anyone else know how crappy we were at FS. Thats one of many things that give me hope concerning my mom.

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