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  • jaguarbass

    Ive never thought the water tower society was about money. Its about the blind leading the blind. And its about blind leaders holding on to power. Its about a bunch of dysfunctional people spreading the pain and agony. Not a pretty sight.

  • Shawn10538

    Also, when you are GB or any higher up, you drive company cars, get flown all over the world, hotel stays are payed for (and nice too, I used to get a comp'd Hotel room every year when I was at Bethel), get plenty of green handshakes (I averaged well over 100 dollars a month just in tour money, and I was a pee wee) get to speak before thousands of adoring fans, have your talks recorded and mass produced and passed around the congregations while being referred to as a "Bethel Brother's talk" not just a regular brother's talk. Circuit overseers buy only the best suits available and the congregations pay for them. And if you've ever been to a GBs room at Bethel (I have been to several) - LUSH! When you are GB it's ALL YOURS. So yes, in it for the money? Absolutely!

  • lovelylil

    Hi shawn,

    I agree with you. Someone is getting a monetary benefit from all the billions in assets the society has. And it most likely is the governing body. I also heard about the company cars, nice dinners in the best restaurants and comp. hotel rooms. I am sure the GB are not staying in the same run down, flea bitten rooms they block off for us lowly rank and file members. They can spin it anyway they want but they are benefiting big time off the backs of the publishers. I bet the GB don't even have to meet any of the requirements either. And they certainly are not dragging their old butts door to door. Lilly

  • LennyinBluemont

    I agree with the comment that power over others is a far more powerful motivation than money or material benefits. But there are definitely the material benefits. I was talking the other night with an old friend who used to be up at Watchtower Farm. He said when Sydlik married a sister 30 years younger than him, he thought, "Allright, dude!" But then, when he noticed Sydlik and his new wife coming to the farm with their riding clothes, so she could go riding on her horse, this Bethelite thought to himself, "Why can't I have a horse?" Then he thought, "We're all supposed to get $80 a month allowance. I know I couldn't afford to feed a horse on $80 a month." So they do have an apparently unlimited "expense account" by being on the GB, which in fact is a material benefit not enjoyed by any other JWs, but paid for by them. And where is there any accounting of all this? In addition, due to the fact that there is no public accounting of where all the billions go, how does anyone know there are not any off-shore entities where much of this money is put aside, as tax-free charitable donations, which could be dipped into at any time, and especially if the shit hits the fan?


  • Gill

    Have you ever wondered where the money, the billions upon billions, they own in land, shares, investments would go if for any reason the WTBTS disbanded.

    The money train has been followed before and leads....believe it or not to lawyers....a James McCabe if I believe correctly.

    But...the ordinary Elder, CO, etc is only in it for the Everlasting Life Carrot and the power to cause shit in other people's lives.

    The money trail? Well that's another story all together.

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