Camping Pics......

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  • whyamihere

    I went camping with the kids over the holiday weekend, I took a few pics of Upper Peninsula, MI area.

    Throwing rocks in Clark lake.

    Clark Lake

    Dam nearby our campsite. (I can't remember the name right now)

    I took a couple pics of a old car in Watersmeet, MI. (Love still black&white photos)

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Looks like fun ! We have been wanting to go up there camping , hopefully next summer . Where did you camp ? Got any suggestions ?

  • Arthur

    Those are some beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing. I've never been to Michigan, but have always wanted to visit those types of areas.

  • Dansk

    Great shots! Stunning views! Lovely kids!!


  • RichieRich

    Cool, so you guys found a nearby Kingdom Hall and changed into your meeting clothes in the tent?

  • Jourles

    Now was this "tent" camping, or did you stay in a lodge or cabin of some sort? Were showers readily available? If not, did you use the stream or river to bathe?

    Jourles, of the very skeptical class

  • ButtLight

    Wow, great pics Brooke! Hope you had loads of fun!

  • Peaches-n-Cream

    Lovely Pictures...looks like you had a great time! I LOVE camping! How old are your kids?!
    Any camp grounds in Wisconsin that you would recommend going to? I'm new to the area....

  • whyamihere
    Wow, great pics Brooke! Hope you had loads of fun!

    Thanks, wish you were there to hear some of the screams. Sometimes I think mankind got out of the wilderness for a reason and yet we strive to go back into it. I had alot of fun. My father called me as I was heading up there, he laughed so hard when I told him I was going camping. He asked "Why the hell would you go and do that for?" Then he said "Have fun getting raped by a bear."(we have a funny father and daughter relationship...more like friends)

  • ButtLight
    Butt, here was the best pic of the camp(shower It was the best site I've have ever seen. I got to use my hair dryer!!!!!

    LMFAO. What? I thought you said you liked it being all dirty when you camp!

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