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  • Dansk


    I just realized that they lost local control and ownership of their KH when they did that!

    I believe almost every kingdom hall in the UK has signed the deeds over to Watchtower! As Honsety brought out, it's all about real estate!!


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    ca-ching The ca$h regi$ter $peak$ loudly.

    According to the WTS

    • new hall$ mean progre$$
    • the $upposed influx of new member$ mean$ progre$$
    • closing hall$ might alert the R&F to the lack of progre$$
    • appearance$ mean everything and they will do anything to convince the R&F and outsider$ they are what they claim to be
  • blondie

    The congregations in the US have not signed the deeds over to the WTS. Instead they have formed non-profit corporations with 3 elders as corporate officers. Only if that congregation/corporation is dissolved does ownership revert to the parent non-profit corporation, the WTS.


  • vitty


    Read my earlier post...................

  • Outaservice

    That would be your worst nightmare, missing a meeting and not knowing where the next one is taking place!


  • Gill

    Is that absolutely totally true, that the WTBTS really own the Kingdom Halls?

    What are the three trustees about?

    What would happen if the congregation disbanded?

    Why are JWs so stupid? (sorry delete that last question)

    They've just built a new KH up the road from us, when the previous one is perfectly all right apart from needing a new lift.

    What insanity!

  • vitty

    No one realizes this little scam.........................I do remember a huge row in one of our neighbouring halls about it needing a refurb. The older brothers didnt want it to happen, thought it was a waste of money so near the end

    Im not quite sure about the trustees but i know they have 3. Maybe someone has more ifo on them

  • Finally-Free

    Back in the 1980's the Canadian Bethel had an "open house", and one of the displays showed what their construction plans were for the next 10 years. The display included a scale model of what the Canadian Bethel would look like. I asked the sister™ who was looking after the display why they were planning Bethel construction 10 years ahead of time since the end was 'so close'. She patiently explained that the Society™ was always moving ahead™ and planning for the future. She explained that armageddon would not mean the end of Bethel™, but that Bethel™ would most likely be a government building in the new system™.

    Kingdom Halls™ would likely be local indoctrination centres.


  • Dansk


    Read my earlier post...................

    Yes, sorry, short-term memory loss as I had read it in its entirety!

    About the three trustees in the UK, I think this only referred to KHs before they transferred the deeds over to Watchtower. I don't think 3 trustees are required anymore.................................but I could be wrong!


  • vitty

    Arent I bossy........................sorry....LOL

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