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  • looking_glass

    My microwave is not heating up food. It activates and everything seems to work, but it does not heat anything up. I have taken out the panel underneath to see if anything is leaking or wires hanging out or exposed and NOTHING. Before I hire someone to come and replace it, does anyone have a suggestion as to what it might be. I have a GE microwave. It is a built in which sits above the stove and is surrounded by cabinets.

    Anyone got any suggestions?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    well if it turns on the fuse is still working

    I once paid $75 to have some guy come into the house to replace the fuse. I watched and now I do it myself

    The fuse is an easy problem but since it isn't that I suggest it is time to go out and buy a new one. It would have cost me less

  • Gregor

    Microwave ovens are considered a 'consumable' home appliance, like a toaster oven, electric can opener, hair dryer or blender. For the price you pay for them you usually get a reasonable amount of use out of them before they malfunction. At that point they are not worth repairing. Unless you purchased your microwave less than a couple of months ago you might as well junk it. The thing that makes food hot is the microwave tube(s). It has gone to await it's resurrection in the new world.

  • blondie

    Um, is it plugged in? Have you checked to see if the fuse has not blown out on that outlet?

  • looking_glass

    Blondie! I may be blonde, but I am not THAT blonde.

    I checked everything, since it is turning on, the issue has got to be something other than a fuse, because from what I read if it was a fuse issue, it would not turn on. I am guessing it might be a circuit problem. And am trying to figure out if there is a control/alt/delete thing for a microwave to reset it.

    I really don't want to have to buy a new microwave and then hire someone to come out and replace the old microwave with the new one.

  • zeroday

    Your magatron is burnt out. Not worth fixing, buy a new one.. That's the thing that creats the microwaves. Believe me it would cost you more to fix it than to replace it.

  • Highlander

    Gregor is correct.

    Microwaves, like other small appliances are not worth the repair bill costs. It's much better to replace it unless it has a factory warranty that is still in effect.

    It's the same reason you no longer see TV repair business, VCR repair, lawn mower repair. etc. etc. The labor and parts necessary for the repairs are often times equal to or greater

    than the cost of a replacement unit.

    Believe it or not, but once in a great while I come across a tv or vcr repair business,, sometimes lawnmower repair too, but there are very few out there, and I'm amazed they are able

    to stay in business,, unless maybe it's just a 'front business' for something else.

  • looking_glass

    What is a magatron???

    And darn, I was afraid I was going to have to replace it.

  • zeroday

    Sorry, Magnatron. It's the componant that creats the microwaves. Like I said, more expensive to fix than to replace with a new one...

  • zeroday

    You can get a nice 1000 watt microwave oven at Walmart for about $75.00. Very cheap. Try to get a service tech to come out and they will charge $50 to show up at your door not including trying to fix it.... Not worth it...

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