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  • beaver_shots

    Well I have been trying to boost my mothers self esteem for the last few months any way because she seems down. I have to admit that when she starts bringing up the "truth" as she calls it. I tend to have less and less patients with her. I have snapped at her a few times when she would not let it rest after I have repeatedly asked her to drop it. I have also received some books in the mail from her. All of witch I had seen and in fact studied intensely back when I was a slave of it. She noticed my interest in physics on a visit to my home recently as I have quite a few books on the subject. A week later I received a copy of evolution and creation or whatever the blue one is called. I thumbed though it and just as I recall no facts just a lot of conjecture. I agreed to read it again if should would read something of mine.. no deal big surprise eh? she is skilled at changing the subject when it suits her to.


  • gymbob

    Welcome Kyle, and good job getting out on your own!

    Getting other family members out is a hard thing, and you're right, sometimes it seems that the best thing to do is let them stay in and not destroy their dreamworld. That's the way I feel about my parents, but they're in their 70's now....my sister's another story.

    Keep posting buddy, I have a feeling you have more stories.....GYMBB

  • bikerchic

    Welcome beaver and please check your PM box in the upper left hand corner.

  • jgnat

    Beaver, all of your mother's behavior speaks to the CULT personality. My JW hubby has been down, too, AND raving about the end-times. I suspect this is a depression and obsession put on by the relentless negative articles they have been fed lately.

    I want you to think back through your childhood to moments when your mom was MOST HERSELF. Write down what she was doing, what she talked about. It's THIS PERSON I want you to learn to bring out. As you have already discovered, trying to reason with the CULT personality is as productive as pounding your head against a brick wall.

  • Legolas

    Welcome to the board!

  • badboy


  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Kyle,

    WELCOME!!! We are so glad you stumbled across this site! You are NOT alone, you will find MANY new friends here.


    Lady Liberty

  • delilah

    Welcome, Kyle. Glad to have you on board.....

    think back through your childhood to moments when your mom was MOST HERSELF. Write down what she was doing, what she talked about. It's THIS PERSON I want you to learn to bring out.

    Jgnat, this is why you are the" supreme one." Awesome advice. You rock!!!!

  • jgnat

    Hey, I'm just passing it on, Delilah. Steve Hassan is the one who taught me this, in his book, Combatting Cult Mind Control.

  • raylo

    Welcome Beave!

    I just got on here a few days ago myself. Thanks for telling your story. Isn't it amazing that young, 'impressionable' people can find inconsistency and misconception throughout the religion when the 'mature' ones in the org can't distinguish left from right? Of course the society will say it's because of bad association,etc, but I sometimes wonder if the real reason secular education is put on the bottom rung of the ladder is in hopes that people won't educate themselves and gain full comprehension of what is being taught...afraid that the 'educated people' will be able to discern truth from nontruth or something because I swear every excuse for not being able to socialize normally is the "bad association" thing. I'm glad you pursued secular education and eventually benefited from it.

    My mother still talks to me regularly, but when she does bring up coming to the KH, I simply respond by inviting her to church (I myself don't go as I've no interest in being religious). When she of course says no.. I ask " Why it it that you can invite ppl and expect them to come to the hall, but you flatly refuse to go into church if invited.? Both religions believe they are teaching the truth... so why should they come to yours and not have you return the same hospitality?" She hasn't asked me again....and she never sends literature because she knows I'd ask.."why can't you read other religious lit, but you expect for yours to be read?".......lol.

    Again welcome aboard!!!!


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