Wedding Rules of the Oct. 15th Watchtower

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  • minimus

    Fun should not evenbe considered at a JW "Christian" marriage. All spontanaiety (sp) is gone. Those articles even talked about not publicly announcing who got you a gift such as at the wedding or shower. Can't do this. Don't do that. Check with the elders first. The groom's in charge of everything. He has the ultimate final say......I'm GLAD my daughter married a "worldly" man.

  • Seeker4

    I think the requirments are especially stringent for KH weddings, which is why my JW daughter refused to get married in a Hall. She wanted her own music, etc., and for the elders to have as little say as possible.

    Also, with regard to music at receptions, etc., it really varied from congregation to congregation. Some elders really put their noses into things and were very strict and demanding, others were way more liberal.


  • Legolas
    The groom's responsible for everything including the wedding preparations and what happens at the wedding and the reception.

    OMG...Is that for real?

    I can't see many woman going along with that!

  • eyeslice

    My wife and I went to a non-witness wedding a couple of weeks ago with my witness and elder brother-in-law and his family. Lots of booze and dancing till late at night.
    Have another wedding at the end the month, this time a witness wedding - and I am still invited (despite being a congragtional outcast, though not df'ed od da'ed). Interestlingly, my brother-in-law is not invited even though he was a former friend of the family as he was on a fiasco of a judicial committee involving the bride's mother, which ended up with the disfellowshipping decision being thrown out on appeal.
    There will be elders there, I am sure. But whilst my brother-in-law let his hair down at the non-JW wedding I am sure that this will be a very sober affair.

  • minimus

    It's interesting that an "outcast" can get invited to a JW wedding but a weak JW will be "marked.

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