telling lies

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  • Twitch
    try informing them that lies are too much work to try to remember and keep straight...truth is much easier and less time consuming...truth is memories...lies are dreams and most time nightmares they are designing for themselves in the long term scheme of things.

    Well said DavidChristopher.

  • carla

    Create a large sign for your window asking if jw's really are a pedophile paradise? Let them know you will take it down when they stop slandering you.

  • DavidChristopher

    thank you Twitch.

  • bikerchic


    They neighbors are JW. They're telling others that I've been engaging in promiscuous activity in my pool. It's just not true, but they're trying to make me look bad.

    If it were me I would send written invites to them and a few others from the local JW congo especially the CO over for a swim party. That should shut 'em up!

    but be sure to have a party with or without them, make 'em wonder!

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