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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Ilovethis city. It is clean and pretty. There are miles kilometers of bike paths everywhere. And I live a block from the Ottawa River where one of the longest paths can take me from one end of the city to the other.

    I often have my camera with me because I just never know when I will see something I want to take a picture of. Digital cameras are great because you have the image immediately and you can take as many as your memory card will hold. Now I had two digitals so watch out. I might get in the mood to share

    This bridge is literallly five minutes from where I live. It stands like a beacon letting me know I am close to home. The water was very still that day and provided me with a photo that was begging to be taken


    If I travel under the bridge along the path I come to the side of Canada's new War Museum (which I want to get back to soon)

    Behind/beside the museum wild Canada Geese take up residence for thespring and summer. If they are on land they are incessant feeders. They steer clear of cyclists and pedestrians and if you get too close to the chicks you better watch out for snapping beaks. They will even attacks another goose that gets a bit too close to the chicks


    Just across the street is a short canal. This leads to the pathway that goes along the bottom of the cliff where Canada's Parliament Buildings sit overlooking the water


    Closer to the Parlament Building the geese disappear and the gulls take up residence. I rescued one of these little fellows earlier in the season. Here I got to watch momma feed her chick. I was surprised by this. I have seen hens shove food down a waiting chicks throuat but the gull here actually spit out the food on the ground while the chick waited and then gobbled it up. The chicks follow momma around begging for food constantly. And I thought nursing a baby was time consuming!

    A few more pics coming

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    oops I forgot the chicks. Momma is white and grey and the chicks are mottled


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    If I go in the other direction along the river the scenery changes a bit.

    The path looks like this in many parts.


    Then it opens up to the river. The geese loves the shallows. I think they decided to head for the river. Last one in is it!


    This area is called the Remic Rapids. The ground is a series of shale slabs that slowly go down to the water and continue for a long distance into the river. An artist, John-Felice Ceprano does some fascinationg sculptures. His work is well known and the area is considered a tourist attraction Ceprano gets a grant every year to create his sculptures.

    From his website

    The process of this work is unique and simple. I begin by looking for rocks that suit an intended concept. Whatever that concept maybe however, the unaltered rocks have the more determining effect in the process. I refer to this process as ‘a rapport’, that is, we collaborate in a creative process.

    The rocks are used as is. There is no cutting or chiseling involved. Once a site is selected, the rocks are manually maneuvered into place. No mechanical devices are required. The structures are assembled by myself alone, thus allowing the intimate ‘rapport’ I have with the material and the process.

    Once the rocks are assembled and balanced, they are shimmed with small wedged rocks, thus stabilizing the structure. This is adequate to maintain the structural integrity of the sculpture. Nonetheless, to provide safety for the public’s curiosity and interaction, epoxy is used, thus providing a safe and playful environment for the public while still creating a temporal structure.

    The only intention of this work is to create an atmosphere via the reconfiguration of space. This is accomplished by the placement of each stone and sculpture, thereby creating a welcoming environment for the public’s interaction. Also, it is important to me that the public is inspired by their experience with my work. Over the years, I have taught children and adults this art form and have inspired many to create their own ‘rock art’ while discovering their own creative abilities.

    Art is Life.



  • Sparkplug

    wow, beautiful photo of the bridge.

    this photo...alt

    I treminds me of my home in Missourri. I miss it so.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    This tree fascinates me. I could go back and take more pictures of it and probably find new things in it. Right now it is my desktop.


    The last time I was out that way I saw a storm coming and had to head home but not before I took this

    I got home just as the rain caught up to me.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Thanks Sparky

    I have never seen bike paths like this. At lunch time they are crowded with walkers, joggers and cyclists. I am half way between all the govt offices so people come out to get exercise. I've learned to stay away at that time of day

  • Twitch

    Nice pics Lee


  • jaguarbass

    If I didnt live in Florida. I would like to live in Canada. I have been there many times. Its a beautiful place. I dont think I would like the cold anymore though. I spent 28 years in Cleveland Ohio. That was too cold for me. Your pictures are beautiful.

  • jgnat

    These natural places soothe the soul. That twisted willow reminds me a bit of you, Lady Lee. World beats on the tree, but it survives. And in it's twists and turns there is beauty.

    There are many walking paths where I live, too, along the river. But I don't nearly take enough advantage of them.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    These natural places soothe the soul.

    So true. I love the serenity. Nature has always relaxed and calmed me. I love that I can see the trees and the river from my window. I have even positioned the computer in the middle of the room so I can look out the window every time I raise my head

    That twisted willow reminds me a bit of you, Lady Lee. World beats on the tree, but it survives. And in it's twists and turns there is beauty.

    Interesting thought. When I was young, one year in art class we had to draw a tree. You comment triggered the memory so thanks. I had drwn this huge tree that filled the page. You could see the trunk and the branches through the gaps between the leaves. The teacher was so impressed that she asked if she could keep it. I was delighted that someone thought I had done something nice. But you are right this tree reminds me of the one I drew, branches reaching out for the sun. The beauty is in the branches, not in the leaves

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