Could this really be the TRUTH?

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    Although I disagree with this.

    God cannot create something that is absolutely perfect.

    I found the rest to be delightfully deep and thought provoking.

    I'd like to add, the concept of God surrendering to things beyond His control is one I agree with completly. I think it is the reason He is 'love' (imo, became love) and also why it is 'impossible for Him to lie.' The end result of any lawlessness on His part would be His own destruction.

  • MichaelT

    Love is the only truth. If every person on the earth loved each other lets say like I love my children, there would never be a problem. Sure some arguments may start but in the end love ALWAYS brings us back together in a VERY short time. Just think about someone you truly love........imagaine if that was how you felt about everyone. What a great world it would be.

    Tree of Knoledge of Good/Bad. I think the focus is being pointed in the wrong direction. Who knows how long Adam and Eve lived before that. It could have been millions of years, it was not until the snake came along that it really changed things. I am not sure why a talking snake didn't raise a flag with Eve but oh well what is done is done.

    Serve God because you love him. I ofton think of free will along the lines of doing fun stuff (sinning for any actuall JW's reading this) but it should also be associated with deciding not to do the fun stuff and be patient, waiting for Gods Kingdom to come.

  • purplesofa

    Welcome to the board MichaelT.........hope to hear more from you!


  • purplesofa
    Your friend is on to something in his second sentence where he connects God with infinity; then his mind gets the better of him and he loses it.

    Infinity, is that which has no beginning and no end; that which no thing and no one can be separate from. He is unaware of holding the precious key he uttered in his second sentence, and so does not stop there and dissolve into the hugeness and immediacy of what his own words point to. Instead he continues on about a small biblical idea-god which is just a tiny meandering fragment somewhere within the mind, and gets lost in a fairytale of his own making.


    Thank-you for this comment. I tell him it is mental masturbation.....his thinking.


  • Twitch
    Love is the only truth.

    Well said MichaelT


  • Honesty
    The tree of the knowledge of good and bad was neccesary . I think it is possible that any other sin Jehovah could have corrected the consequences of himself. No other sin would degrade us beyond the point that Jehovah could not correct our way.

    If God could not correct things with Adam and Eve why didn't he just let them wear fig leaves instead of covering them over with the skins of animals who had been sacrificed for that purpose?

  • Anitar

    I'm confused, are you saying that God willingly created something that he knew would someday be beyond his control, assuming he is indeed omnipotent?

    Respectfully yours,

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    Geronimo--All I can say after reading that is "wow" and "you rock"!!

    MichaelT-Welcome to the board!!

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    By profession, I am a design engineer. As a "creator", my degree of "perfection" is determined by what I produce.

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    Hey, CrazyblondeB! Thank you! Looks like I'm among many kindred spirits. G

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